Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way!



Sure I know what you’re thinking. Go ahead and say it  “What do you know about anything, and why should I listen to your advice?”  Well, good question anonymous reader.  I am not an expert in anything. But I have a well-earned degree from  “Life University”  and sometimes life is the best teacher.

Besides this is just a stupid Blog… Hell, Everyone has a Blog these days right?  So everything you read here is just a suggestion, much like a random stranger telling you not to touch the freshly painted wall, what you do with the advice is up to you.

Alright, is it possible to achieve Happiness, Fulfillment and Success in your life with just a few easy steps? I think so, worked for me, so perhaps it can work for you.  If you follow these four steps perhaps they will help you achieve your goals, these steps are nothing new, I’m sure you have heard them dozens of times before, but this time read them with the intent of actually taking the time to commit these to your life every day, I think if your persistent with it after a while it may become second nature to you.

That’s how a person truly grows, when you no longer have to think about doing what is necessary to achieve your just do it as part of who you are!


Take Responsibility

Sometimes this is a tough one. But you need to realize YOU are responsible for your actions…or lack thereof. It is pretty easy just to blame someone else for our failures or missed opportunities, but honestly we have nobody to blame but ourselves because we failed to take the steps necessary to achieve a goal we made for ourselves.

If you take personal responsibility it also helps you become a better person and will earn the respect of those around you.

We all make mistakes and when we own up to them, that will build trust in those around you. If people know you take personal responsibility they will feel confident that if you mess up you will make it right and most of all that you’re not going to blame your failure on someone else.



Where have you been all my life? How did you get to where you are today? How will you get to where you want to be tomorrow?

To achieve success in anything it is important to understand where you have come from and how you’re going to get to the next level in your life.  If you take the time to visualize where you want to be, you start helping your mind formulate ways to achieve that next level.  It’s a powerful tool and many successful people have used this method in their own life.

If you review what you have done in the past, you can also make sure that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made going into the future. Also, you can take things that did work and apply them going forward.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.



This is something everyone should have in their life, Learning.  Not just through formal education, but also through the life process itself.

We are an ever evolving creature, you are not the same person you were even a year ago, we learn new things and hopefully improve ourselves daily.  Life is chaotic and that is one of the best parts about living…The Experience.

To grow as a person you need to keep an open mind to changes and new ways of doing things. We live in a world where things can change in an instant and successful people embrace the changes instead of trying fight against them.

By keeping an open mind, we can find the knowledge we need that will help us build a better life. We need to be able to understand how this world we live in works and how to deal with the different types of people in it.



When was the last time you said  “Thank You”  to the grocery store bagger? Or thanked someone that held the door for you?  We sometimes get so wrapped up in our busy lives these days that many of us have forgotten how to appreciate the little things people do for us each day.

Sometimes these two simple words can be a powerful tool for a successful life “Thank You!”

You really need to take the time to appreciate what others bring into your life and how they help shape your life. Be grateful for the opportunities you are given and those that are given to someone else. Being appreciative of the challenges and opportunities you are given helps you achieve new goals and opens your mind up to new ways of thinking. You should use some of that energy to pass along kindness and appreciation as well.

So there you have it folks, some fairly simple ideas for you to implement in your life.  Like I said I’m not an expert on anything, but this worked for me.  All you’re doing is teaching yourself to adopt new habits…Positive habits.

Visualize what you want to do in your life, take responsibility for making sure that you achieve your goals. Learn from others around you and from the mistakes you have made in the past and appreciate all that you have and those that have helped you along the way.

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