Why You So Boring?



Yes, I’m the first to admit it….I’m boring!  I’ve heard it numerous times from so many people. I even heard it yesterday, after I turned down an offer to go hang out at a bar…Really?  In this small town with little to do especially during the winter or as I call the  “Frozen Hell of Discontent” everyone seems to go out drinking and I, the Boring one, just find myself alone with my cat.

For excitement I like to read the morning Police reports looking for how many people that I know who got a DUI the night before…always an interesting read.  Anyways back to being Boring.  I eat the same semi-healthy meals daily which is Boring… I go to the gym everyday doing the same squats, curls, and bench presses which is Boring…I do the treadmill for 20 min every morning which is Boring…I go to bed early and get up early which is Boring…I say No to sweets, always declining deserts, and I skip the occasional piece candy which I’m offered which of course is Boring…I do the same thing, day in and day out, for months and months which of course is Boring.

Let’s face it being into fitness and a healthy lifestyle is boring, it’s about routine.  I am always seeing the new ads from companies that are trying to promote the new best thing. Or fitness guru’s pushing the exciting new exercise that’s going to make you huge.

I guess people who have a hard time with routines and being Boring like all these flashy new things, they get excited for the new running shoes that promises to make you float above ground…or the amazing new diet that literally makes fat fall off you faster than a strippers clothes on a Saturday night…And for these people that love all these exciting new things they get to stay unhealthy while they chase the next new fad.

Boring does not sell magazine subscriptions, advertisements, or DVDs.  Boring is silent, unwavering progress…Boring is sticking to the same routine week after week, month after month…Boring means not freaking out when your stepping on the scale and the number is slightly off…Boring means making small repeated improvements to an otherwise un-moving and determined schedule…Boring is replacing grand declarations of drastic change with tiny habit changes over a long Boring period of time.

So you can make fun of me for being Boring as you go about your busy fun filled lives and that’s okay because I have found out the benefits of being Boring.

Boring leads to weight loss…Boring leads to strength and power…Boring leads to increased productivity…Boring leads to success and habit change that actually works…Sometimes, Boring can be fucking Awesome and this is one of those times.

Perhaps YOU should go be Boring!!

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