Living In Small-Town USA (With Social Media Access)



Living in a small town is literally like living in a fish bowl, if you add social media to the mix then everyone is all up in everyone’s bizniz…I find it funny, and sad when people, who have never met me, form an opinion of me because of what someone else has told them, someone who has their own reasons for disliking me…valid or not.

So when someone tries to do this with me I really pay no attention to what they are saying, if you don’t like someone for whatever reason, that’s your experience with them, not mine.  I try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and judge them solely on how they treat me…that’s seems like the fair approach to me.

In life we are going to meet all types of people… The Good, The Bad and The Crazy.  Some will come into our lives but for a brief moment in time and others will stay around a lifetime.

We have to be careful who we choose to associate with, the circle of friends that you place around you is a reflection of the person that you are.  If you surround yourself with negative people your experiences are likely to be just that…Negative.  But if you’re lucky enough to find some positive and uplifting people to call friends then you will have some truly wonderful experiences with them.

Now getting back to living in the fishbowl…Something else that I occasionally find annoying about living in a small town is when the moral majority expects you to live life by their rules.  There are so many  “Judgy Judgers”  running around.

Judging and scrutinizing every action you take, every word you type and every image you post. I tend to believe that these  “Judgy Judgers”  simply have no control over their own lives so they find it rewarding in some weird way to criticize anyone who they deem doesn’t live up to their warped expectations.

Another character that you find in small towns, big towns…Hell just about anywhere, are the people who only look at you for what you can do for them, your nothing more than a pawn in their twisted self-indulgent little chess game. Sadly, I have met a lot of these people.  And usually I don’t catch on to what they’re doing until it’s too late.

And of course there are the people who want to see you fail, any set-backs you face make them feel a little better about their own lives, even if just for a few minutes.  In their eyes your suffering is worth that little rush of superiority they get. It’s crazy, but I have so called  “friends”  who are nice to me in person but I hear about all the negative stuff they say about me in private.  This use to bug me, but then I started taking a look at the lives these people live and I started to see that they are the ones with the problems not me, so I don’t allow their negative behaviors take up any space in my head.

Now it’s time to take a look at the most important person living in this town…And that person is YOU!

If you’re anything like me, you too have been subjected to all these different types of people at some point in your life. And you can’t stand it either. Right?  But let’s be honest we have done some of this shitty behavior to others in the past.  We got enjoyment out seeing that person who hurt us in the past fail or go through hard times…And we have used the living shit out of someone for some reason at some point. Or maybe lots of someone’s… Just so you could get your own way.

Okay, so now if you still find yourself doing this stuff from time to time… Back off.

Just give people the freedom to be and do their own thing. Try being supportive, give people the chance to succeed. And instead of looking at people for what they can do for you, come from a place of what can you do for them.

And when you come across those people who really want to see you fail or they just simply want to use you…Don’t give them the satisfaction. It really doesn’t do you or them, any good.

So here is the plan going forward.  Lead by example, Be the person who lives by a solid code and walks their own path, regardless of what anyone thinks, says or does.

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