I Want It All!!



I did some more  “self-reflection”  yesterday, I was trying to think back to  an early age about what I wanted most out of this life and even to this day it’s the same thing, I have never been one that cared about fame or money, all I really ever wanted was to be loved.

Preferably loved or even  “strongly liked”  by someone with a lot of fame and money.  And if by some strange coincidence that I myself became famous and filthy rich as a result of being loved by that special someone, then I guess I would have to accept that burden, the burden that being loved by someone who is famous and rich brings.  Life has taught me that you really don’t need anything else except love, because if your smart and play your cards right, the person you love might provide for life’s other necessities, like fame and fortune.

I believe it was the great Philosopher and President, Abraham Lincoln that once sang the song  “All you need is love”  I believe he was trying to pass along a simple message, that if you start with love and don’t let yourself get all distracted with the pursuit of fame and money you might just get all three of them with a minimal amount of effort on your part, this just seems like common sense to me.

So again all I’ve really wanted in this life is to be loved…And maybe envied too. I would say being envied is a close second. It makes sense to me that if I’m loved by the right person, let’s say someone like Kate Upton, she has a commercial out where she is looking for a hero, so yeah anything is possible. But think about it, if Kate was hanging all over me like a cheap suit your damn right people would envy me.

So I guess being loved and envied are all I really want in life, Oh and it would be pretty cool to be stalked by some really Hot crazy chick, any random dude can get an ugly stalker, but to truly land a Hot, Gorgeous, Crazy stalker really does take a certain amount of ambition.

One day I hope for people to say  “Just when it seemed Rob had everything a man could want in life, the love of a famous, filthy rich woman and the envy of the entire world, I find out he has a drop-dead gorgeous stalker”  And if that drop-dead gorgeous stalker just happened to be a famous person like Jennifer Aniston, that would be an amazing bonus.

So again, all I really want out of life is to be loved, envied and stalked by a really Hot crazy chick.  And of course I want to be as physically fit as possible, someone once told me that anyone could have a great body through hard work and determination, but if  “anyone”  can do it, then who cares? I want to be mammoth, I want my muscles to have muscles, why be ordinary right?  So all I want is to be loved, envied, stalked and muscles on top of muscles….So that about sums it all up for me, sounds pretty simple huh? Am I being unrealistic? Well we gotta have big dreams…But I will start out with just being loved.

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