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For those of you who live in Montana, it’s time we go over so of the rules for living her.  How well do you know the laws of this state?  There are some little known laws that could possibly get you arrested.  As a public service I will share some of the lesser known offenses and hopefully you can avoid going to prison today.


It is a felony for a wife to open her husband’s mail. (No matter how bad you want to snoop on your man, don’t cause he can get you locked up)


It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperon. (In some areas of the state this might put a damper on date night, nobody like a third wheel)


In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all. (Well, I guess you single ladies better wear a wedding ring when you go fishing)


It is illegal for a man and a woman to have sex in any other position other than missionary style.  (Hmm, Guilty)


It is a misdemeanor to show movies that depict acts of felonious crime. (Pretty sure that’s 50 Shades of Grey)


One may not pretend to abuse an animal in the presence of a minor. (But it’s legal to pretend to abuse a minor in the presence of an animal)


In the state of Montana, Indians in groups of seven or more are labeled as a war party. (So if you’re invited to an Indians birthday party are you then part of a War Party?)


And for my special little town, here’s one that bothers me…


In Helena, no “folfing” at night. (Helena just takes all the fun out of Folfing)


Keep It Legal Today Montana!!

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