Are You Ready To Become Filthy Rich?



Do you want to get Rich?  Then you’re in luck because I have a fool proof way for you to get Rich.  Most people usually equate  “Rich”  with  “Money”  hard cash,  moo-la,  the Benjamin’s.  And we take it for granted that more money is a good thing (and why wouldn’t it be right?) who hasn’t daydreamed about hitting the lottery and quitting your job, traveling the world and buying all those expensive toys we want.

But if you go all  “scientific”  on this subject you will see that study after study shows that more money doesn’t make us any happier.  Of course if you’re getting your next meal out of the soup kitchen it will.  But past a certain, fairly low salary there’s no relationship between salary and happiness.

I tend to believe that real happiness comes from other types of riches. You might not have tons of money, but if you have enough to live on, how about focusing on some of these sure fire ways of getting  “Rich”  instead.


Timex Rich

Have you ever heard the phrase  “Money Rich, Time Poor?”

I think this best sums up the reasons why more money doesn’t result in more happiness. Often, the more money you earn, the more time you spend earning it, or taking care of the money you earn and all the fancy trappings that come with it.

Being  “Timex Rich”  just means you have the freedom to spend as much of your life as possible doing the things you want to do.  Having a more time can bring rewards that no amount of money can buy  “Timex Rich”  parents for example have the chance to really engage with their kids. A  “Timex Rich”  painter or writer might not make millions, but might produce some truly outstanding pieces of art.

Money can be earned, exchanged and horded.  Time goes past constantly, however much we might like to stop it. Being “Timex Rich” means engaging fully with life.

So get more time…and share the wealth with your loved ones.


Health Rich

If you lose a lot of money, you can recover in time, you’re able to turn around your personal finances and get out of debt.

You can close a failing business and maybe start a new one.

You can borrow money from family or from the bank.

If you destroy your health, there’s often no going back. Some chronic illnesses, such as ME, are caused by periods of overwork and stress. Is it worth wrecking your health for the sake of a few extra hours in work?

So to get  “Health Rich”  make time to exercise every day. Even if you don’t think it’s going to make any difference right now, you will be grateful later in life. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym..a simple 30 minute walk can be enough.

Develop good eating habits, there are loads of healthy, tasty, easy foods…start working more of them into your diet. Take little steps, you don’t need to make radical changes.

If you smoke, make it your number one priority to quit! It’s the best thing you can do for your health.


Interest Rich

If you have a rich and varied set of interests, you’re likely to have a fulfilling life. Spend time discovering what you really care about (whether or not it’s what your parents or your friends want you to do) Having a life full of things which interest you is much more likely to make you happy than spending eight hours a day doing a job you dislike, just because it pays well.

Also, when you get to retirement, you will want to have some hobbies and interests which give you meaning and purpose…and enjoyment.

You may well have lots of interests already. Are there any which you have neglected? Perhaps because you think you don’t have the time or because they seem self-indulgent? If you feel that you lack any real hobbies or passions, make it your mission to find some. Try out new things (even a few that you might not think are for you) and see if you surprise yourself.

How to get “Interest Rich”

Spend time on things which you enjoy, It doesn’t matter how “productive”  or  “worthwhile”  they are…all that matters is that you love them.

Adopt a  “try anything once”  attitude, It’s easy to pre-judge a new activity without even giving it a go…you might just find you love it.

Go for some variety, we are often taught that we need to specialize in order to succeed…But who is to say you can’t be a doctor and a musician, or a teacher and an artist.

Alright I have share my get  “Rich”  quick scheme with you and best of all you don’t have to send me any money. It’s FREE…So no excuses, Go get Rich now!!

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