Sometimes Motivation Is Hard To Find!



Ah Man..It’s 5am, I really just want to sleep in, maybe just sleep until noon. That’s all I’m thinking right now. I should just toss the blanket up over my head and ignore the cat who has worked herself up into a feeding frenzy…She is a creature of habit just like me, if she doesn’t get her food at 5am she will make sure nobody in the house sleeps…But just today I want to sleep in.

But of course that’s not going to happen, I relent to the cat’s insane antics and get up to feed her. And few moments later I’m two cups into a coffee bender, no chance of going back to sleep now. Besides I’ve already been pretty productive, feed the beast, made a sack lunch for my kid, got dressed for the gym, posted my new morning blog on the social network accounts and most importantly enjoyed a few moments of quality bathroom time (always important to start the day right) trying to get myself motivated for my training session is what seems the toughest thing today. I just don’t want to.

I keep telling myself stop being a lil bitch and get it over with..

Well, that didn’t work, perhaps I could go back to sleep, I could just lay on couch and watch the news, that might help me doze off a bit..

Ahh..Man Up and get to the gym!!

Nope..This battle is not going well. The couch looks mighty damn fine this morning and the thought of doing anything remotely strenuous seems about as attractive as a wet, fly covered cat turd.

Screw it…I will just make it up another day…

It’s all over…I caved in, I allowed my inner slacker to win.

Guess I really am just a lazy ass bum.

Then as if out of nowhere the  “Man”  in me steps up, grabs me by the balls and whispers  “It’s time to go”  Go where? “Go Train”  Why?  “Because it’s what you do, YOU committed yourself to this process and YOU will not fail!!”

 The next thing I know I’m giving it everything I got.  Iron in my hand, the pathetic slacker who was vacillating from just a while ago has been completely forgotten. I am truly living only in the moment!

How the Hell did this Happen?

There isn’t a person on this planet, I don’t care how dedicated you are to this craft that gets pumped for each and every workout. Just not gonna happen, and anyone who tell’s you that they do are full of it.  When the Motivation is high and you’re on a new routine it can be stimulating. But just give it a few months (some people don’t even last that long) and things start to feel tiresome and stagnant.

Keeping your training routine is tough business, even harder than the routine itself in my opinion. I don’t really think it’s in our nature to want to push ourselves into that painful zone on such a regular basis. Actually at times it feels pretty stupid to keep punishing myself the way I do…It would be so much easier just to simply not do it.

And that is what it all really comes down to, working out is HARD. And sticking with a routine for the long term is damn near impossible for most. But like most things in life, it’s the challenges that are the most rewarding. Look not to the blessings in life, but to the struggles, for they make us who we are.

So each morning it’s the same. The same struggle, I struggle to gather the motivation to go train. If that fails I struggle to shame myself into working out. And that usually fails as well.  All the while, this mental struggle takes its toll on me, it tires me.  It’s all pointless, I may as well just do it and get it done with. Because this is what I do, it is the life I have carefully crafted for myself.

This is the key to it all, you have to understand that all the reasons we put ourselves through this struggle, whether it’s for health, for the looks, whatever.  All these goals we make for ourselves are just easily discarded pipe dreams when we have no Motivation in us. Sitting my ass on that couch, watching TV will always be more appealing than the pain and punishment I put my body through in that gym.

Motivation is fleeting, Persistence is unstoppable. Or better yet..

Persistence will make YOU unstoppable!

It is Persistence that separates the winner from the rest of the pack. Giving up is just too damn easy. Choose the hard path. Make it what you do. If you’re confronted with two choices, choose the more difficult…If for no other reason than to challenge it. Can you just imagine the character that would be forged from a lifetime of challenge?

Create the image of your body that you will forge from sticking to your routine on all those days you want to quit. That’s the payoff of persistence.

So on this morning, when working out is the last thing in the world you want to do, just remember…You train because it’s hard. You train because it’s a struggle. It’s the challenge you seek!

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