I Think You Have Some Great Excuses For Not Trying….April Fools, You’re Excuses Suck!!



Since it’s April 1st, April Fools Day, I thought it would be a good time to take a moment to draw attention to all the people who made  “New Year’s Resolution’s”  just a few short month’s ago and already quit on them. They didn’t stick with them, and started using all their lame excuses as to why they couldn’t follow through with their goals….Quitters!!

I’ve been hearing some pretty flimsy excuses lately and it has lead me to the conclusions that perhaps some of these people are  “Rookies”  when it comes to laying down a good excuse, if you’re going to use an excuse to justify your laziness with me at least make it a good one, I’m not going to show any sympathy for a poorly executed excuse.

So out of the kindness of my heart, I want to help assist some of you  “Rookies”  with your excuses, perhaps if you follow my advice you can craft a more believable excuse next time you commit to something then Quit! Now the key to a good excuse is to make the person you’re telling it to feel some type of sympathy for you, if you can make them sympathetic then they are less likely to mock you and call you a Quitter…You Quitter!!

So here are some excuses you can use for nearly every type of commitment that you may fail to follow through with…I have placed them in the order of Most Sympathetic to Least Sympathetic.


Most Sympathetic: I just learned I have Gonorrhea.

Less Sympathetic: I just learned about Gonorrhea.

Least Sympathetic: I just learned to spell Gonorrhea.


I lost my spouse.

I lost my rhythm.

I lost at Chutes and Ladders.


There was a death in the family.

There was a death in my neighbor’s family.

There was a death in Game of Thrones.


I know I said I was going to hike Mt. Helena, but…

It’s just too damn tall.

It’s just too dirty.

It’s just too hard to find on a map.


I know this was going to be the year I finally learned how to use email, but..

My computer got a virus.

My computer got Bejeweled.

My computer got Herpes.


I have a Tape Worm.

I have a fear of opening a can of worms.

I wanted to go fishing but couldn’t find any worms.


My wife left me.

My wife left me a to-do list.

My wife is a prostitute.


I was going to fix my car today, but…

I ran out of money.

I ran out of ambition.

I ran out of mustard for my sammich.


I did not have the time

I can’t tell time.

Wanna sing that song “Time after Time” with me?


I know I said this was the year I would read 50 Shades of Grey, but…

I already know how to use duct tape.

I already saw the movie.

It’s hard to read with this Gag Ball in my mouth.

Friends…May your desire to better yourself be stronger than your desire to find an excuse.

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