So Tell Me…How Bad Do You Want It?



Since the start of this year I have heard and seen a lot of people writing down their  “Goals”  that they want to achieve this year and I often find myself thinking about life and fitness, there are so many varying levels of  “Success” and depending on your goals and how much time you can actually dedicate to achieving them.

So whether it’s fitness, writing that book you always wanted to write, a new job, or beating a tough level on a video game, whatever…One of the beauties about being an American is you get to decide what you want to accomplish, the freaking sky is the limit. You also get to decide how hard you’re willing to work for what you want in life.

So take a look in the mirror today, are you about 15 pounds overweight? If so you might be able to get by in life being “pretty good”  for most of the time, work out occasionally, eat fairly healthy most of the week and you can get a satisfactory level of fitness rather quickly. But, if you want to look like one of those silly celebrities like Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Swift (depends on if you’re a guy or girl I guess) then you’re going to need to step up your game and dedicate your life for a considerable amount of time to get there. If you want to win that Awesome show Ninja Warrior then you’re going to have to drop everything you’re doing and start hanging out with a good trainer and spending a lot of time in the gym or at Crossfit…It will have to be a lifestyle.

You hear it all the time, there’s no magic bullet.  No miracle pill that will give you six pack abs, no juicy juice made of bat droppings that will make you drop 30 pounds (well maybe drinking bat dropping will cause you to lose weight, but I don’t recommend it) You know what does work?  Hard Work, which is why most of the country is overweight and why there is some new infomercial each night announcing the next get-fit-quick solution.

In my opinion we have a country full of people who want to look great but are either too lazy or too busy (Excuse) to put in the time to get there. Now don’t get all bent out of shape and pissed off if this hits a nerve, why did it hit a nerve? Probably because it’s true. Don’t be one of these people. Join the side where self-accountability and pride in yourself reign supreme, where you want to feel better about yourself and you want to be around to see your Grand-kids grow up and you’re willing to work for it.

You need to decide what you’re after, and how you’re going to get there.

Nearly every time I go to the gym I see people half-assing it on the treadmill, doing the same exercises with the same weights and walking out of there with a smile on their face and not a damn drop of sweat on them…What the Hell!!

As they say in one of my favorite shows Office Space  “What exactly would you say  …YOU DO HERE?”  If you’re serious about bettering yourself as a person and getting stronger and healthier, you should be walking into that gym with a clear game plan to kick ass and then limp out of there with a shirt drenched in sweet, smelly, sweat…wobbly legs and a grimace on your face knowing you gave it your all.

I don’t care if your 300 pounds overweight and your max limit is walking a quarter mile, that’s fine. Whatever your limit is, whatever your comfort zone is, find a way to go 1% farther, lift 1% more weight and move your ass 1% faster each time. If you stick with it you will soon find your comfort zone and level of strength is so much more than it used to be because you held yourself accountable and stayed motivated.

And when you do reach one of your big goals, is that the time to get complacent? The answer is HELL NO…Give yourself a pat on the back or ask someone to do it for you and then find a way to reach even further.

One comment

  1. Steven Dooey · March 18, 2016

    So true, people make up excuses as to why they aren’t succeeding. You need to want it bad enough and take action to achieve your goals. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


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