Ways One Could Cook And Eat Kanye West




Kanye Hors d’Oeuvers

Some Kanye eating parties are made up entirely of Kanye Hors d’oeuvers, while others like to incorporate them only as a starter for things to come. The following Kanye Hors d’oeuvers are perfect inclusions to any fancy Kanye food list.

Kanye Rillettes: A creamy Kanye spread to be served with crackers or artisan breads.

Smoked Kanye: Herbed or seasoned smoked Kanye, perfect with dill and crackers.

Kanye Canapes: Toasted bites of bread topped with a Kanye spread, cheese and garnish.

Stuffed Kanye Puffs: A Kanye salad wrapped in puffed pastry.


Kanye Entrees

If you’re serving a Kanye entree, you’ll want guests to be impressed by both the taste and presentation of your fancy Kanye food. To ensure this, choose a Kanye entree that is both beautiful and delicious.

Kanye Oscar: Kanye medallions topped with crab and smothered in hollandaise sauce.

Seared Kanye: Tender Kanye breast, topped with a fruit reduction or chutney.

Rack of Kanye: Served on the bone with herb crust.

Cornish Kanye: Single portion-sized Kanye’s perfect for roasting with new potatoes.


Kanye Desserts

Choosing a fancy and beautiful Kanye dessert can be difficult since there are so many options. These fancy treats are unique enough to be remembered.

Burnt Kanye with caramel salted chocolates: These chocolate bites combine with sweet and salty Kanye.

Kanye Cannoli: A crisp pastry shell filled with sweetened Kanye, chocolate and pistachios.

Creme Kanye Brulee: Rich vanilla custard with Kanye mixed in, with a flame-crusted sugar shell.

English Kanye Trifle: Beautifully layered dessert of lady fingers, Kanye, sweetened cream, fruit and custard.


Kanye Cheeses

Whether served as Kanye Hors d’œuvres, with Kanye Dessert, or as their own Kanye course, fancy Kanye cheeses can be a great addition to your Kanye dinner or special Kanye occasion. Try exotic Kanye cheeses uncommon to typical Kanye menus.

Kanye Gold Digger Cheese: A creamy Kanye cheese from Beverly Hills, California. Great with fruit or crackers.

Kanye Basque: A mild, nutty cheese made from Kardashian milk and Jenner Tears.

I Am The Greatest: A somewhat hard to swallow cheese made from Kardashian milk that pairs well with Kanye Little Man Wines.

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