An American In Montana…Ask Me Anything!


This is a new series where random people can send me questions or ask me for advice and I allow the readers to offer suggestions on how to solve their problems.


Dear American,

I need your help, I recently found myself in a weird situation and I’m not exactly sure what my moral obligations are, maybe you can help me.

Not too long ago my beloved cat was hit by a truck, thankfully it survived. The asshole who hit my cat took off from the scene, so of course I got stuck with the insanely large veterinary bills, I had the option of putting my cat down to save money but I couldn’t do it, so I told the Vet to spare no expense in saving my cat’s life. But I live a simple life and work in the fast food industry, I really have no means in which to pay back my veterinary bills, so in desperation I decided to become a “Gun For Hire.”

The first contract I got the client gave me $35,000 to dispose of her husband, I gladly took the job, and to be honest I would have done it for far less, that’s how desperate I am. But then the very next day the woman called me back and cancelled our arrangement. Apparently she found someone far cheaper than me, and they supposedly were more experienced. But the woman then broke down and started crying, I asked her what was wrong. She said that even though she was glad she was saving nearly $10,000 going with this other guy to kill her husband, she had just had a fight with her best friend and that friend said some pretty nasty things to her, the woman was heartbroken and told me she could never forgive her friend.

So now I feel bad for this woman, somehow I feel like I should do something, after all the woman did open up to me about the trouble she was having with her best friend. Do you think I should offer to kill her friend? Maybe offer to do it for a really low price, that way she could feel good about it?  Maybe offer to let her pay in installments? Do you think this would help take away some of the pain she is feeling regarding her friend? In the end her husband would be dead, her ex-best friend would be dead and I would be able to pay off some of my cat’s medical bills. In the end everyone would be happy.

What do you think I should do?

-Gun Without A Target

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