Why It’s Perfectly Okay “NOT” To Fear The Grim Reaper




He drives a Volvo station wagon.

He is a Vegan.

He has adult braces.

He is a Ginger.

His ex-wife said he has a really tiny penis.

He wet’s the bed.

He has gout.

He has really bad body odor.

He cry’s during chic flicks.

He wears one specially designed orthopedic shoe.

He was adopted…Three times.

He stutters.

He wear’s really thick glasses.

 He is allergic to cat hair.

He sunburns easily.

He use’s big words without knowing their meaning.

He is a “Belieber.”

He can’t grow facial hair.

He wears skinny jeans.

He has a “Man Bun.”

He still gets bullied on playgrounds.

He wears mascara…to look more ominous.

He doesn’t even lift, Brah!


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