I Don’t Understand Why My Line Of Children’s Novelty T-Shirts Aren’t Selling?



“Daddy’s Girlfriend Is Cooler Than Mommy”

“Boys And Girls Are Equally Valuable”

“My Siblings Are Adopted And That’s Okay”

“I’m First Prize In The Custody Battle”

“Dad Said I Was Conceived In Poor Judgement”

“Tantrum In The Making”

“I Ruin Good Times”

“Come On Grandma Spoil Me You Don’t Have Long To Live”

“I Wander Off”

“If Life Was Easy It Would Be Called My Sister”

“Mommy Self-Medicates”

“I Throw Feces”

“I Look Like The Cable Guy”

“My Grandpa Wears A Diaper Too”

“Mommy And Daddy Beat Me With Sticks”

“I Tore Mommy A New One”

“I’m What Happened In Vegas”

“Little Shit”

“Mommy Pushes Me Down Stairs”

“Your Face Gives Me Diarrhea”

“I Was Last Seen Wearing This Shirt”

“Daddy Drinks Because Of Me”

“Don’t Laugh You Might Be My Daddy”

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