New Rules For Walking On The Sidewalk




Step on a crack, break your ex-mother in-laws back.

Step on a line, end up doing prison time.

Step on some gum, kiss a crazy bum.

Step on some dirt, lift up your skirt.

Step on a rock, forget the combo to your lock.

Step on a bee, become a sucker MC.

Step on a shrub, get your belly rubbed.

Step on a plant, sing-along with Adam Ant.

Step on the green grass, HEY…Get the hell off my grass!

Step on a lemon, turn into Gene Simmons.

Step on a vial of crack, break a junkies back.

Step on a twig, go buy a wig.

Step on a downed tree, find a place to pee.

Step on a curb, smoke some herb.

Step on a liberal twit, watch as they throw a hysterical fit.

Step on some paper, end up solving a caper.

Step on a piece of cardboard, start yelling all-aboard.

Step on some trash, listen to Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Step on some hot coals, dumbass!

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