The Captain



I think everyone is familiar with the old adage that the “Captain”  goes down with his sinking ship. So I’m going to apply this rational to relationships, whether they be ones of friendship or romantic in nature. The  “Captain”  in these relationships should be the person who is the most emotionally invested in the relationship, therefore they will do everything they can to save the relationship and usually end up going down with the “RelationShip” to the emotional depths and rarely do they have a life vest.

And for the sake of this piece we will say the other person, who is not the  “Captain”  will be known as the  “First Officer” or Number 2..Now the Number 2 usually has less to lose if the  “RelationShip” goes down, they also put less work into maintaining the ship. They figure the  “Captain” cares enough to take care of most of the work and sometimes the Number 2  doesn’t even care if the ship is sailing in the right direction, or if the ship’s engines are being maintained. Hell, if the  Number 2  sees a better ship sailing by them, they have no problems jumping ship, so to speak.

What happens when Number 2 jumps ship?  The “Captain” usually feels like they hit an iceberg, the ship get flooded with emotions, all the mutual friends start taking to the life rafts, and not sure whose ship they should get back on. The “Captains”  family will start piping in with their feelings about  Number 2  and how you should have seen this coming, or that you should have thrown them overboard long ago.

Then the  “Captain”  will let a few “Number 2’s” come aboard and try to help get the ship afloat and sailing again, but often the new  Number 2’s  are just there to get there to log a few laps around the pond, then get off at the nearest port of call.

After a while the  “Captain”  will finally get a handle on sailing the ship on their own, in the future the  “Captain”  will try taking on a new Number 2, but this time they will be sure they are wearing a life vest.

Ahoy ..You Scurvy Dog!

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