Plans I Have Made For My Future As Of Yesterday




I am going to the gym in the morning, like I do every morning.

I will lift weights.

I will make some grunting sounds and take a selfie or ten.

Then I will go to Walmart.

I don’t need anything there, just people watching.

Will head home eventually.

Take a nap.

Wednesday…Repeat what I did on Tuesday.



Saturday….Probably the same.

Sunday…Rest Day…Lots of napping.

Weeks pass, life continues to go on.

Christmas/ New Year’s 2017.



Maybe get married again, just to punish myself.

President Kanye elected.


Move to Small Island in the Azores.

Spend my days drinking protein shakes and sending anonymous letters to White House.

Rocking in my rocking chair, fireplace, whittling, talking to myself.

Refuse to wear clothing even in public.


I am found many weeks after my death, gnawed on by animals, can’t be identified.

Buried in with wooden grave marker that reads  “John Doe…Known Only To God.”


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