Menu Items At “The Warm Embrace” A New Emotional Eatery In The Downtown Area.

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~Never Living Up To Expectations Lasagna.

~Daddy Issues Greek Salad.

~DUI Again? Crab Cakes.

~Mommy Dearest Mac And Cheese.

~Home For The Holidays Casserole.

~Dysfunctional Relationship Club Sandwich.

~Emotional Trauma Breakfast Deal.

~Daddy Why Did You Leave Ham And Cheese.

~Mommy Made Another Drunk Video Again Flan.

~Uncle Touched Me Again Cornbread.

~Kissing Cousins Pumpkin Pie.

~Bullied In School Milkshake.

~Diddled My Sister Meatloaf

~Why I Don’t Shower Anymore Corned Beef.

~You’re Adopted Chow Mein.

~My Dad’s Girlfriend Is Younger Than Me French Fries.

~C.P.S Nachos.

~Mommy Sleeps Around Buffet.

~Foster Care Crab Cakes.

~Police Open The Door Cheeseburgers.

~You Really Should Lose Weight Pecan Pie.

~Mommy Is High Again Eggplant Parmesan.

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