You Are Cordially Invited To Tracy And David’s “It’s Over” End Of The Relationship Party…To Celebrate The End Of This Dysfunctional Relationship.





                                                            TRACY AND DAVID’S

                                                                  “IT’S OVER” 

                                                            PARTY INVITATION


Tracy and David

Humbly Request Your Attendance

At a Party to Celebrate

Their Finally Calling It Quits

On Their Dysfunctional Long-Term Relationship.

Also To Be Known As The

Come Watch As We Put Our Entire Lives And

All Our Poor Choices Now On Display

For Your Enjoyment Party.


To Be Held at What Is Now Tracy’s Home

On Saturday, January 2nd, 7pm


The “It’s Over” Party Will Include Dancing,

Photos, Bad Memories, Booze and Food.

Let’s Face It Who Needs A Committed And

Loving Relationship Based On Mutual Admiration

And Loving Support When You Can Have

A Bottle of Jack!


The “It’s Over” Party Will Also Have Fun Games

Such As:

“Who’s Annoying Quality Is This? Tracy or David?”

“Looking Back Pinpointing Precisely When Things

Started To Fall Apart”

“Is Marriage Even A Viable Institution?”

“Let’s Guess How Many Times David Cheated”

Also: Horseshoe’s and Croquet

Plus We Have A Fire Pit…We Will Be Burning Pictures


To Showcase the Differences That

Slowly Tore Tracy and David Apart

We Will Have “Tracy” and “David”

Themed Areas to Represent Their Varied Interests.

Tracy’s Area Celebrates Her Love of Reading, Art, Musicals

And Photography. David’s Area Celebrates His

Interest in Pornography, Sexting, Dating Sites

And Cheating.


This “It’s Over” Party Is By Invitation Only

It Is For Close Friends and Family So

Please No Plus-Ones or Tag Alongs.

Please Nobody Invite Karen. I Am

Sure She Went To Vegas with David

Last Summer for “Work.”

Also, Please No Kids!


Although Tracy and David Have Decided

To Go Their Separate Ways They Still Love

Each Other Very Much. So Please No

Talking Badly Of Either Party. Also

Please Show Decency but Not Asking

David for Nude Photos of His New

Girlfriend. Even Though She Is A

Playmate and Home Wrecking Whore.


So Please Come and Help Us Celebrate

The End of a Dysfunctional Relationship.

And The Time Tracy and David Spent

Loving Each Other, and in David’s Case

Other Women As Well.

What’s Done Is Done, Let’s Focus On

The Future.


We Look Forward To Seeing You

And As My Mother Keeps Telling Me

“Thank God There Were No Children


Except Of Course Baby Ethan.

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