Looking On The Bright Side: Benefits Your Son Can Expect With That Unisex Name You Gave Him.




He will be toughened up by the near daily beatings he will receive.

If he is lucky when he goes to college he might get assigned to the female dormitory.

He can expect direct-mail marketing from Victoria Secret.

Getting selected from the backstage list to meet the band.

More daily beatings.

Score an interview for Hooters.

Can be a little bitch and get out of selective service.

Becomes an excellent public speaker after years and years of explaining to people that there are lots of men named Robin in France.  

Will learn to accept the looks of disappointment when assigned to study groups when the other guys discover you aren’t a girl.

Can date a female with the same name.

Won’t have to change their name after gender re-assignment surgery.

And even more daily beatings.

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