My Brothel Offers Real-World Role Playing Scenarios For People Who Like To Keep It Real.



 Scenario One

A Sleazy Hooker and Undercover Vice Cop who has finally had enough with all the bullshit paperwork he has to do every time he arrests the same Sleazy Hooker especially since his shift gets over in twenty minutes and he is already worked a 60 hour work week.


 Scenario Two

Unsatisfied Stay At Home Mom and the Cable Guy who is already in danger of getting fired because Dish network is more popular in his area, so right now he will take what he can get for those free upgrades.


 Scenario Three

Uptight Secretary and Senior Vice President In Charge Of Nothing who is questioning his life choices and his further involvement in this made up job position just because his Dad is CEO.


 Scenario Four

Wealthy Land Owner and Naughty Columbian Maid who is eager to comply with all his requests because she is living in constant fear that she and her family will be deported at any moment.


 Scenario Five

Troubled Schoolgirl and Substitute Music Teacher who is frustrated his band isn’t getting any gigs and has to actually work a real job instead of living the rocker lifestyle he feels he deserves.


 Scenario Six

Older Babysitter and Troublesome Child who keeps acting out because he is clearly being used as a pawn of manipulation for his emotionally dysfunctional and bitterly divorced parents.


 Scenario Seven

Successful Hollywood Movie Producer and Fresh Off The Bus Iowa Farm Girl who just got into town looking to pursue her dreams of being an actress, she is trying to get cast for a part in this movie because if she doesn’t find something soon her parents are going to stop supporting her and rent is due, so she sprawls herself out on the casting couch.


 Scenario Eight

Average Dude and Average Lady just trying to spice up their boring sex life.

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