An Open Letter To Macy’s Credit Card Services




Dear Macy’s Credit Card Services,

Well, I really can’t say I know what’s going on anymore. I thought at first it was me, but as time went on and the interest rates went up I knew that it was you. There was a time when I thought you were the perfect fit for me, I really did think you were all I would ever need. I had just come off a bad relationship with JC Penny’s and just when I thought I could never trust another store credit card you were there with open arms, you wooed me in with no payments for 90 days and a low interest rate. I can even remember what you told me that first day  “Look, I can see that your credit history isn’t so hot, but I believe in you, I’m willing to give you a chance.”

From that day forward we started going together, and in the beginning things were great. I felt like I was growing as a person, I even had a better wardrobe, I looked sharp thanks to you. You even gave me a $3,000 spending limit, but in an incredible display of self-control I swore I would only use half of it. And I kept my word, because I truly respected you and the credit opportunity you gave me. And I even made our relationship more solid by going to you exclusively for all my clothing and housewares needs.

But, I have to be honest Macy…I am getting pretty upset because I have been left confused and that makes me frustrated. You see, we have been getting along just fine for some time now, but then the other day I got a letter from you saying that you have decided to reduce my credit limit from $3000 to a poultry $1250. The only thing I can think of as to why you would take this drastic measure is that some Nazi credit reporting agency told you I was a scumbag, a deadbeat or that maybe I haven’t made my car payment for the last three months.

Well guess what Macy? This is total bullshit! What are you trying to tell me now? After being together for just over six months I’m no longer good enough for you? I’m not the type of person you want to be associated with? Haven’t I paid your bill on time every single month? The answer is YES…I most certainly do! I just want you to realize something Macy, I am so good to you, I treat you right, I’m always on time and most of all I have been loyal to you, and you alone! And this is the thanks I get? I thought we could trust each other? I trusted you Macy…Did you trust me? I guess not. You know me, Macy, you know I treat you right, but apparently you would rather base your opinion of me off of what your gossipy, bitchy ass, jealous friends at the Nazi credit bureaus have to say.

You know what really makes this whole situation even more painful, it is the fact you sent me an email this morning, not even twenty four hours after I got your letter in the mail. The email told me that you were worried about my identity and that you wanted to help me protect it from identity theft…Really? So you mean to tell me one minute you are shitting all over our relationship when I least expected it and then the next you are worried about me and my identity? I can see right through your fake ass bullshit, I know you truly don’t give a damn about my identity.

Jesus Macy…I don’t even know what to say.

So where do we go from here? I think it’s pretty clear some changes need to be made. I really don’t think I can ever use you again without feeling like a stupid, irresponsible child. Now every time I go to swipe your card my heart will ache. Each number I enter of my PIN it will be like a tiny little dagger being shoved into my broken heart. I can’t help but feel like a clown when I wear any of the clothing I got from you….You did this Macy! You did this to me!

I will admit, even though you hurt me, humiliated me, crushed my heart into pieces, I still want to be with you, I want to try and make this work Macy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, My friends tell me I should just walk away, and I really did consider it, but something inside me thinks we might be able to salvage this relationship. I know things have changed, but I still have $1200 on you, and that’s better than nothing I guess. Maybe we should take some time apart, give each other some time to think about things. Then maybe we can see where we are at during the next billing cycle.

Yours Truly,

Broken Hearted In Montana

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