If You Ban Guns Then They Will Just Build Automatic Axe Launchers…How About You Don’t Violate My Rights!



I, like most Americans was disgusted by the act of terrorism which was committed last week in San Bernardino, apparently two self-radicalized Muslim extremists killed over a dozen people at an office Christmas party. Thankful the terrorists met their end in a shootout with police. But as much as this and other acts of violence carried out against innocent Americans outrages me, I’m also outraged that our politicians in Washington immediately blame guns, they turn an act of terrorism into a ridiculous gun control debate. They act like criminals are going to go about getting weapons in a legal manner, the only ones that would be affected by tighter gun control laws are law abiding citizens who wish to be able to protect themselves and their families from violence, they don’t want to be victims, yet these ridiculous laws will make it more likely they end up as victims.

Even if we somehow banned all guns from being made or sold, the reality is someone will just invent, manufacture and sell a high-powered automatic axe launcher in order to commit mass murder.

You can ban guns, but you can’t ban human ingenuity. If some crazy nutjob was hell bent on causing mass murder but didn’t have access to a firearm, then he would simply design a high-powered automatic axe launcher, which would be capable hit targets hundreds of feet away. Then he would take his invention to a public area, perhaps a mall and unleash a hailstorm of deadly razor-sharp flying axe’s causing significant causalities on the unarmed public.

It may seem ridiculous, but it is just that simple….

So who knows, maybe one day you can remove guns from the equation, but at some point high-powered automatic axe massacres will just replace the mass shootings. There is no way around this scenario.  That’s why when tragedies like the one in San Bernardino happen, the politicians and uneducated anti-gun nuts out there shouldn’t rush to pass laws that fail to actually make law abiding citizens any safer and trample on our Second Amendment rights. Perhaps those politicians should take that time to mourn the victims, instead of exploiting the event for political purposes.

There is no law you can pass that will stop anyone who is determined and committed to causing mass murder, whether they have the aid of a gun or an elaborate machine capable of hurling dozens of axes at high rates of speed towards innocent civilians.

To hear some politicians and celebrities talk, you would think that ending violence in America is a simple as collecting all the guns from law abiding citizens or tightly regulating their sale from here on out. But this notion is absurd. Does taking away the guns make crazy people any less crazy? Does taking away all the guns prevent anyone from getting their hands on an axe, or creating a machine that propels the axe through the air at a high rate of speed, then going out and buying more axes and loading them into the machine, then pulling that machine out in public and launching axes at innocent civilians? Well, of course not, this is why the whole argument on gun control is so foolish.

Okay, let’s just pretend the government enact’s some sweeping gun control legislation tomorrow. Do you think the next Christmas party massacre or theater-shooter or campus-shooter would just say  “screw it”  and never carry out their diabolical plans? Of course not. Those nutjobs would simply spend a little time designing and manufacturing a portable axe throwing device, then they would just wheel it into a school, church or place of business and unleash it upon the innocent civilians who happen to be around them.

Maybe you can remove the guns from the equation, but high-powered automatic axe launchers would simply replace the shootings.

If you were a painter and someone banned paint brushes, wouldn’t you just find a way around it so you could continue painting? The simple fact of the matter is there will always be innocent people who die at the hands of angry, hateful and mentally unstable nutjobs. And that fact won’t change whether their deaths are caused by bullets or flying axes.

So just remember next time something bad happens and innocent people get killed, you can crack down on guns and gun ownership, but it would accomplish nothing but violating the constitutional rights of millions of Americans, while doing absolutely nothing to stop some crazy asshole from murdering dozens of innocent people with an automatic axe throwing machine. Don’t take away our rights to protect ourselves from the crazy people.

And please, don’t be stupid and say something like you could prevent this by banning automatic axe launchers because the bad guys will just go and invent a fully automatic scissor launcher.

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