Chocolate And Caramel….Is It A Love Affair?




Scenario One

Chocolate: Hey Sexy…

Caramel: Hey Baby…

Chocolate: Look, this is awkward but maybe we should talk about the other night.

Caramel: What? Why? Didn’t you enjoy yourself?

Chocolate: No, that’s not it, I had a great time, and it was amazing….just a little uh…I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

Caramel: Yeah, it was….wasn’t it?

Chocolate: Well, to be honest I really didn’t think anything would happen between us. You are so outgoing and fun loving. I am totally opposite, quiet and laid back.

(They both pause and look at each other with mutual adoration)

Caramel: So…If it did happen again, would that be such a horrible thing?

Chocolate: Ha…No, far from it.

Caramel: Well, I don’t know about you but I think we should do it again.

Chocolate: Oh Yes…Let’s!

Caramel: Okay, let’s shoot for everyday at noon?


Scenario Two

Chocolate: I think Pete is probably glad that he brought us to school today. That gross ass cafeteria food doesn’t even look edible.

Caramel: I almost feel bad for all those other kids over there, they will never experience the utter joy that is you and I sandwiched together.

Chocolate: Baby, I promise one day we will move out of this brown bag. I will find a great job and we can move into ceramic bowl you always wanted to live in.

Caramel: Oh love, you are the my knight in shining armor.

Chocolate: I love you baby!

Cheese Cracker: You two make me sick!


Scenario Three

Chocolate: Umm, Hello

Caramel: Oh, Hi

Chocolate: Listen, we need to talk, let’s just get it over with.

Caramel: Why? What’s up?

Chocolate: I have really been thinking about us and things moving forward.

Caramel: Oh, what do you mean?

Chocolate: Well, I think maybe it’s time for a change.

Caramel: What? What do you mean? Are you wanting to leave me?

Chocolate: No…I don’t know, Yes!

Caramel: Let me guess you met someone else, didn’t you!

Chocolate: Well…Look I don’t want to talk about it right now.

Caramel: Who the hell is it? It’s that little whore Peanut Butter isn’t it?

Chocolate: (mumbles under his breath)

Caramel: I can’t hear you asshole!

(Caramel throws a fork across the table at Chocolate)

Chocolate: It’s Apple.

Caramel: Chocolate and Apple? That shit will never work… You are Insane!

Chocolate: Maybe…But I’m in love!




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