I Think My Psychiatrist Thinks I’m Nuts…But The Voices In My Head Tell Me I’m Fine!



Here are some recent comments my Psychiatrist has said to me during my daily visits with her,  I don’t know about you but when I look back on them now I have a feeling my  “shrink”  thinks I’m a lost cause. Perhaps she is right, I will be alone when I die, surrounded only by cats and dirty kitty litter.


“I think sleeping with a knife under your pillow is a great idea”

“I use to be just like you, but then I started taking medication”

“Perhaps you should keep an open mind about dating your cousin”

“I would suggest having sex on the first date, because you don’t know how many chances you’re going to get”

“Look everyone says they want a soulmate, but I think you can have just as meaningful of a relationship with a prostitute”

“Mental Illness? Or maybe people just don’t get you”

“Perhaps you need to listen to those voices in your head, sounds like some of them are pretty smart”

“Don’t feel so bad, we are all just a little insane”

“Look you’re a pretty creative guy, I’m sure you will think of something”

“Don’t be silly, of course I think you will meet some special. Speaking of specials Adult Emporium is having a sale on blow-up companion dolls this week”

“When people ask, just tell them you are an Artist, they are always a little off”

“Relax, I think everyone thinks about killing people, it’s completely normal”

“I hear anti-psychotic meds are good for your skin”

“I really wish I would have done something else with my life instead of Psychiatry”

“Screw this shit, I can’t help you, get out”


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