What Are We Doing To The Kids?



Okay let me first start off by saying I’m not talking about your kid, I’m talking about the other person’s kid. So don’t get all butt hurt and send me hateful messages because I will just forward them to your mom and by forward them, I mean, I will leave a note on the nightstand when I leave in the morning….Whoa, hold on now. That was just a test, if you got offended then maybe I am talking about your kids…And You!

Anyways to my point before you distracted me…What the heck is happening to the kids? They all seem like a bunch of whiny babies these days.

They’re all Gluten free..

Peanut Free…

None of them can have sugar because they’re all ADHD…

They are all on drugs because they have ADHD…

Too many of them are FAT because they are on drugs, have ADHD and they never exercise. They just sit and play video games…

They always get colds, probably because they never go outside…

They can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in school because …Well…I’m not sure, but I’m sure it’s for some dumb reason, something to do with Christmas trees and the Easter bunny and Kwanza I think..

They never have a contest because someone might have to LOSE…

We are raising a bunch of apathetic kids who grow up believing they are entitled to everything, they have no idea what it’s like to work and sweat and bust your ass to achieve their goals, we just hand it to them because we don’t want them to get hurt  “Feelers”  Everyone is a victim and of course when something doesn’t go their way it’s someone else’s fault.

A great example of what I’m talking about is now happening on college campuses. What the hell is a  “Trigger Word?”  the professors have to worry about offending the students so they are given a list of trigger words that might make the kids upset?…What?…Really?

Or how about  “Safe Zones?”  what is that? A place where college kids can go when they don’t want anyone to tell them what the real world is like, there are no  “Safe Zones”  in the real world, when you get a job the employer isn’t going to ask you for your  “Trigger Words”  We have gone to the extreme in this bullshit PC culture where we are teaching future leaders that their feelings matter, but everyone knows in the real world they don’t, you have to have a thick skin to survive in the real world. This is why most of these college kids will end up back at the only  “Safe Zone”  they have, their parent’s basement.

Parents…STOP OVERPROTECTING your children!! You’re creating a generation of FAT, SISSY KIDS!!

I came up with a new  “Creed”  to teach our children to live by, perhaps one day they will follow it…

A Successful Child

I must take responsibility for my successes or failings,

If I win I thank all those who supported me along my journey,

If I fail, I take responsibility, I try harder, I blame no one but myself,

I am responsible for my own decisions, I live with the choices I make,

When I make poor choices, and Yes, sometimes I will, I accept what comes,

I am not a victim, so I will not play that role in my life when things don’t go my way,

I will always strive to win, but realize winning is not everything, lessons are learned with each loss,

I will know when to speak and when to listen,

I will be a leader, not a follower, I will help others, for one day I too will need help.

Now go feed those kids some good  ol’ Nathans Hot Dogs on a white bread bun with gluten…Hell, add some extra gluten on those dogs. Then send them out to play, let them fall down, slap a Band-Aid on their knee and send them back outside!

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