I Have A Great Idea For A TV Show…Can I Share It With You?




I have been working on a pilot for a TV show the past couple weeks, I figured why not, right? You never know until you try. Besides there are tons of crappy shows on TV so I can certainly write on one. But yesterday things really started to come together and I finally came up with a great idea for the show, it’s probably the best thing I have ever written to be honest about it. There is plenty of action and of course humor. I think people will be glued to their flat screens. Right now I can picture it, the whole family will be gathered around in the living room watching my show on the TV, people will laugh and maybe even shed a few tears…It will be so good parents will slap their kids upside the head if they start to make noise….That’s right, it will be that good that parents will risk a visit from CPS just to be able to watch my show in peace.

Hold on…I just came up with another great idea. Holy shit, this one is like twenty times better. This time instead of having my main female character getting on the airplane to fly to Las Vegas, where she is going to audition for a burlesque show. She will hijack the plane. And she will be totally nude, she won’t have any weapons, but everyone does what she tells them anyways…I mean they have no choice because that’s the way I wrote it, they can’t change the script!

Ah, crap…come to think about it they would probably never let my character get away with full-frontal nudity, I would probably have to pitch it to HBO, but I know I’m not an HBO quality type of writer, I know my limits and I’m clearly only network TV material. So back to my naked hijacker girl, why is full- frontal nudity on TV such a big taboo? I guess she will have to wear underwear of something. I think I remember reading somewhere that women with clothing on are sexier than those without. Is that true? I know that an ex-girlfriend I had was at her sexiest when she was completely under the covers and I couldn’t see her…But that’s just one experience, so I shouldn’t make my judgement off that.

Did I mention that same girlfriend was an unfaithful whore? Yeah she was. The whole situation reminded me of that old movie called  “Unfaithful”  but my ex didn’t look like the actress Diane Lane and I guess I look nothing like Richard Gere…Well, I guess just the title reminded me of my ex then, that makes more sense.  Come to think of it, I could write a movie like  “Unfaithful”….as a matter of fact, you know what, I’m going to do it, but it will be made for TV. It will be a TV movie about an unfaithful girlfriend, I don’t think that’s been done before. And when I said I would write a TV show like “Unfaithful”  I didn’t mean it would be exactly like it, but something pretty close, it would have suspense, humor and erotic scenes. It would seem so damn real you could swear you were right there in the action.

All this talk about my ex makes me wonder what she is up to these days. After she left and took everything I had out of my house I really never gave her much thought. Maybe I should track her down and try to get some of my stuff back, I mean sure it’s just stuff and probably isn’t worth the hassle but it really was a low-blow to take the entire house, well it was actually a trailer, but a home is a home regardless if it has wheels or not. Oh, I should write that down, that would be a great thing for the main character to say in my TV show.

Alright, I’d better get to work on this one right now before I forget about it. The naked girl on the airplane can wait. I’m not sure I like that idea anyways. You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.  Wait, did I forget to tell you that I’ve been working on a pilot for a TV show the past couple weeks? I have a great idea, probably the best idea I have ever had….Oh, wait…what was it?


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