Why Do Most Of Us Take The Moral High Ground?…It’s So Damn Un-Rewarding!



I will be the first to admit when you take the so called  “Moral High Ground”  it’s never as much fun or as gratifying as slogging it out moral badlands. It’s almost like life is offering you a golden opportunity to dish out a little payback to someone who has wronged you, but you politely refuse the offer.

It’s like the couple who cuts in front of you in the line to the snack bar at a movie theater, they get their popcorn and large soda but drop it as soon as they walk away and instead of laughing you are the first to grab the napkins to help clean up the mess, knowing it would have been far more rewarding to watch them clean the shit up by themselves as you stand there with a smirk on your face. So yes, the moral high ground is far less fun, but it’s the right thing to do…blah, blah, blah.

I have friends who always tell me I should stop being the “Nice Guy” and respond in kind when people talk shit about me. But I am one of those people that totally believes in Karma, not the whole fakey stuff where there is an avenging karma angel out there that will seek justice for you, but I believe in the type of Karma that if you are a negative person, if you talk shit about people or treat them poorly then your life is probably filled with negativity, you probably surround yourself with the same type of people who just feed off each other, so that’s why I just try to ignore the bullshit out there and the people who cause it. I’m content with doing my own thing, I do my best to treat people how I would like to be treated and hopefully good stuff will happen.

But I will admit I do enjoy watching those of you who do say “screw the moral high ground”  I’m going after these fools who wrong me. I sometimes live vicariously through them as they go on epic social media rants throwing caution and common sense to the wind, letting the chips fall where they may.

Besides who doesn’t secretly enjoy watching someone put all their drama out there for everyone to see on Facebook? Instead of keeping their personal lives  “private”  they decide to air all their dirty laundry on social media and of course their friends will be supportive of them, they might even offer some of their own hard luck stories, not because they are showing sympathy to the situation but because they too just want to have a forum to let their own drama out there as well, personally I find it hilarious! And maybe once in a while someone will tell them perhaps it isn’t a good idea to air this all on Facebook, then that person will get attacked, it’s all so funny and sometimes kind of sad.

We all experience situations in our daily lives when we would love to just unleash on someone who wronged us, whether it’s a shitty co-worker, a rude customer or a toxic ex. So what stops most of us from doing this? Why doesn’t everyone just go off on people when they wrong us? Wouldn’t we all feel better, even if it’s ever so briefly? Probably because most of us were raised with manners and taught to turn the other cheek. We as a society have had it ingrained in us to be polite and to take the high ground when possible. And of course for those of us out there who choose to take the  “low road”  they are usually look upon poorly, maybe that’s what stops most of us, we worry about what society might think of us.

Bravo! …For you people out there who choose take the low road, the people who just don’t give a shit. I say Bravo!…Let those epic rants loose on Facebook, I know it must feel good to just rip into someone you don’t like. I would love to do it myself sometimes but I for some reason worry about being judged by complete strangers who matter zero in my life. And more importantly I also try to set a good example for my kids to see but perhaps one day I will get over this artificial barrier I put up for myself and finally say enough is enough I’m going on an epic social media crusade to reap justice and exact vengeance on those who have wronged me…But until then I will just sit up here on the Moral High Ground looking down at all the fun happening down there in the Moral Low Lands. 

But until that day finally comes I guess I will just be the “Nice Guy”… the easy target. And I will just have to keep living vicariously through the rants and craziness of others.

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