Ten Signs It’s Time For Her To Go…A Dude’s Guide For Knowing When Enough Is Enough!


Ten Signs It’s Time For Her To Go…A Dude’s Guide For Knowing When Enough Is Enough!


1) It shouldn’t even have to be brought up, but she just doesn’t seem to understand that the bathroom counter is far too messy! I’m really getting tired of having to fish your beauty products out of the toilet every time I accidentally brush up against the counter, start putting that crap in the drawers or it’s adios, Chica!


2) Sometimes it’s hard to understand what kind of mental tornado of thoughts is ravishing the prairie land inside her brilliant mind, but whatever is going on, remembering your birthday should be one of the important ones.


3) Your getting really tired of her  “Gay”  male friend always calling, wanting to have a girl’s night out with her. You can’t help but be suspicious of any  “Gay”  man who wears flannel and drive’s a jacked up pick-up truck with chrome women on the mud flaps. He didn’t even know what LGTB meant when you asked him.


4) You like the fact that she takes the time to introduce you to her family and friends, the people she cares about the most, but not when she consistently refers to you as  “Just her roommate.”


5) You don’t like the fact that she is constantly redecorating your own home, she didn’t even ask if it was okay to take down the pictures of your family and throw them away, replacing them instead with photos of her and her best  ‘Gay” guy friend. It really is odd that she has so many intimate photos of her  “Gay”  friend.


6) When you look lovingly into her eyes and at her beautiful long hair, and she screams out…”Don’t fucking look at me! Don’t you fucking look at me!”  Can it really be so hard for her to just sit there while you lovingly look into the darkness of her soul?


7) Why can’t she just return my calls, or respond to my texts? Yet regardless of what we are doing if her  “Gay”  best friend calls or texts she drops everything to respond immediately, and when confronted on this fact she just says  ‘Gay”  friends are high maintenance, then tells YOU not to be high maintenance.


8) You would think after all the conversations on the matter, the sticky notes, diagrams and even offers of bribery that she could just put the toilet seat back up for you. Really ladies is it that hard?


9) Every time you suggest a movie you want to go see, she just looks at you and laughs, then she tells you what movie you will see with her instead. Then you find out she went to see the movie you wanted to go see with her  “Gay”  friend instead the next day.


10) When she promises to stop going out with her friends every weekend and start spending more time with you, but goes out with her friends anyways, so you get upset and decided to follow her, you go to the club where she said she is at, but her friends said she left with her boyfriend, you know the  “Gay”  one. So you find out where he lives and go over to confront her, you peer into the window and see them having straight people sex. Clearly this is a sign you should get rid of her.

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