Recalling Memorable Instances When People Have Compared Me To Richard Moll Who Played “Bull” On The Sitcom Night Court.


Looking back over the past 25 years, there have been dozens of times when people have commented on my resemblance to the actor Richard Moll.  And for those of you who may not be familiar with him, his most noteworthy role on TV was that of “Bull” on the sitcom Night Court.  The following are several examples of those incidents.


Fort Bragg, North Carolina…1989

One evening me and several of my fellow platoon members were sitting in the barracks break room watching the sitcom Night Court, I will admit there were a few beers being shared between us that evening. After an hour or so of watching TV we left to head to our rooms, that’s when one of them turned to me and said.  “You know that Bull guy on Night Court kind of looks like you.”  The other guys agreed.  That’s when I was officially christened with a new nickname among the members of my platoon…”Bull”


Las Vegas, Nevada…1993

I was at a friend’s wedding reception, when the bride’s brother who I had never met prior to that evening came up to me, accompanied by the bride.  “Rob, you look so much like that guy who played Bull on Night Court”  he opined.  “I love that guy” said the Bride. That’s when another member of the wedding party came up, one of the bridesmaids, she said  “He looks nothing like Bull”  she was drunk, and spiteful because I didn’t dance with her earlier. The bride just smiled awkwardly as she elbowed her bridesmaid. I then took a drink of my jack and coke, I just smiled politely hoping the moment didn’t become any more uncomfortable than it already was.


Seattle, Washington…2000

I had gone to Seattle to see a medical specialist, I had been there before about two months prior and one of the receptionists made a big deal out of how much she thought I looked like Richard Moll  or  “Bull”  she even asked to have a picture taken with me because she was a tiny woman and I am tall so it made for a funny picture. Anyways, the day before my appointment I had called the doctor’s office because I couldn’t remember what time the appointment was for, which should have been scheduled for the next day. When I called I got that very same receptionist from before….

Me:  “Hello, it’s (Name Withheld)…I think I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow but I can’t remember what time it is for.”

Receptionist:  “Oh, yeah I know who you are. You look like that guy, the actor guy, what is his name? You know the one I’m talking about”

Me: “You mean Richard Moll?”

Receptionist: “Who is that?”

Me: “He played Bull on Night Court”

Receptionist:  “Yes, that the guy…how could I forget that, I still have the picture we took on my desk”

I think I froze up for a moment because I was surprised she had the picture on her desk. Then my master powers of flirtation kicked in…”Well, maybe we can take another picture when I come in” was the dumb response I gave her.

That’s when she said  “I should bring you home and tell my daughter that you are him, she likes that show. She is 12 by the way, she would totally believe it”

I kind of laughed about it for a second or two, not really sure if she just told me she wanted to have sex with me. I was at a loss and couldn’t think of anything more to say.

She told me what time the appointment was for and then I ended the conversation with a “See you tomorrow.”

I had so many thoughts going through my head the rest of that day, I thought about bringing her flowers and asking her on a date, I was still pretty sure she told me she wanted to have sex with me, and she was really cute, she looked like Winona Ryder, who was cute back then and before she started shoplifting stuff, so at the time she seemed normal.

So my thought was I would take her out to eat, maybe grab a few drinks, then head back to her place to have sex, I envisioned her daughter in the next room writing in her diary about the strange sounds she was hearing through the walls, making her own plans on her exciting new life as the stepdaughter of a B list movie star. But after I slept on the idea, I woke up the next day thinking so many things of this plan didn’t seem right, so I showed up to the appointment without flowers. Needless to say we never flirted again.


Helena, Montana….2005

I was at a Fourth of July cookout at a friend’s house, when this little well-dressed hipster looking guy came over to me and introduced himself, he gave me a fairly limp handshake and he had sweaty hands. Then he gave me a once over with his bespectacled hipster face, then said  “You look so much like Richard Moll”  in almost a mocking type voice, almost as if he was pointing out I was the only black guy at a KKK rally.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh at him or punch the hipster off his face, so I just responded with  “So I have been told.”

He then said  “I can’t stand that guy”  in his mocking voice, as he shook his head in apparent disdain. After staring at me silently for a couple more seconds, he turned to talk to another guest at the cookout, he didn’t acknowledge me again. If I remember correctly I still managed to have a good time that evening anyways.


East Helena, Montana…2008

I found myself driving around town, seemingly without a direction, mostly just out for a Sunday drive, I often did this on Sundays when I lived in East Helena, then I stopped at a gas station to grab something to drink. That’s when the cashier, who was an older lady, actually said to me “What, are you trying to do, look like Bull from Night Court or something?”  Her question was punctuated by a raspy smoker’s laugh, as her old woman eyebrows arched derisively.

I said  “Yeah, I trying my best to pull it off”  I slapped two bucks on the counter and walked out of the gas station with my drink, thinking, “Damn, some people are just stupid.”


Helena, Montana…2015

I was with a friend and we stopped at a local coffee shop to grab a few lattes because that’s how we roll. Well this coffee shop happened to have live music playing at the time. The band was kind of a hippie/funk/folk/rasta/fusion thing, my friend knew of them but I was clueless, the lead female singer had come over and sat with us and during our conversation she pointed out that I resembled Richard Moll, she also told me that her girlfriend was way into that  “look”  as she put it. She said  “Man if she was here right now, she’d be all over you.”

That’s when my friend told her that she should call her girlfriend to come down and join us, but sadly the singer’s girlfriend was out of town, but I was told to expect a new friend request from her on Facebook….So we shall see, will the  “Bull”  look finally pay off for me.


On A Similar But Different Note…


Other celebrities people have told me I look like as well:

Dwanye Johnson “The Rock”

Jason Statham

Bruce Willis

Sinaed O’Connor

Vin Diesel

Britney Spears (When she went crazy and shaved her head)

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