I Want To Apologize To The Lady At The Gym Who Confided In Me…And All I Could Think Of Was To Reference The TV Show “Friends!”



Well, I wish I could remember your name, I think it was Karen or Carol, anyways I remember what you were wearing if that helps, you had on a purple sports bra looking thing and matching purple bottom, not exactly the attire most women your age wear to the gym, but I admire your spirit. Sometimes we call you the  “Bikini Grandma”  but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, I hope somehow you are able to see this, I will also print off a copy and leave it at the gym just in case you come in when I’m not there. Well, let me just say to you …I’m Sorry! I know you got upset and I can’t blame you one bit. What I said was completely out of line and insensitive, believe me when I say I wish I could take it back, but I can’t so I’m trying to make amends, all I can do is say I’m sorry. I know you just needed someone to talk to, and you reached out to me as I took a break from doing my bicep curls, and I now know I never should have compared the very personal and tragic story you shared with me to something I watched on an episode of the TV show “Friends.”

If I could go back to that moment when you told me in complete confidence about how your brother was murdered by someone while he was riding on the subway in New York  City, I would have totally stopped myself before I immediately said  “Hey, that reminds me of that episode of Friends when Joey and Rachel almost got mugged on the subway”  Looking back I know that didn’t help at all, you didn’t want to hear that, I can’t believe I was that thoughtless. But honestly that particular episode really did make me think it was almost like the same thing, but of course Joey and Rachel weren’t murdered.

Oh, I’m kind of doing it again aren’t I?…I’m really sorry.

I’m getting sick to my stomach just thinking about the fact that you trusted me, you singled me out and talked to me, sharing your darkest secret with me….I’m still not sure why you picked me, but regardless you trusted me with this terrible event in your life and instead of consoling you I made it worse with my ridiculous references to the Friends sitcom.

I can’t believe I asked you if your brother ever went to Central Perk,  you know …that coffee shop where Rachel, Joey and the gang always hung out at. I could tell by the look on your face you didn’t understand the relevance that had to the story you were telling me about your brother’s tragic death, but I just thought at the time if he had been there then he got to do something that I have always wanted to do therefore his life maybe had some meaning, you know like his life was complete and he could die or in his case be murdered, and still be happy, sort of.

Also I know I never should have told you to go home and watch some Friends to take your mind off of the tragedy you are facing, but if you do decide to watch it, I would suggest Season 4, I really liked that season, and it had so many plot twists, new relationships, and the characters really came into their own. Damn, that was insensitive of me again wasn’t it? You probably have no desire to watch Friends or any other 90’s sitcoms. I know right now you’re just focused on finding your brother’s killer and making sure justice is served, much like Phoebe did when she faced her difficult troubles with her evil twin Ursula…But I guess she wasn’t facing solving the murder of her brother, so I guess this doesn’t really compare.

And of course, I know I was way off base to suggest that if you do travel to New York City to take care of your brother’s personal affairs that you might try to get me some pictures of Central Perk and some of the other areas where they did filming, that really was tactless and probably not a realistic thing anyways since you really should just be focused on your brother’s final affairs right now.

Look your brother’s death was a complete tragedy, and me flippantly comparing it to a Friends episode was wrong, totally wrong!  Regardless of how much it all reminds me of it, it’s still wrong! I really am ashamed of myself for doing it.

But seriously though, if you haven’t watched any re-runs of Friends lately you really should, it really is a great way to take your mind off your troubles.

I wish you all the best, and I hope your brother’s murder gets solved.

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