I Can’t Believe My Luck …I Accidentally Hit Fifteen Pedestrians On My Way To The Gym This Morning!



I am still in disbelief at what happened this morning as I was driving to the gym. Usually the two mile commute is fairly boring and rarely do I see anyone out walking during that time of the day. If it wasn’t for the new Dashcam I installed in my car last week I really doubt anyone would believe me if I told them…Hell, I wouldn’t believe it myself, except the fact that it happened to me. And what gets me is I’m truly the best driver I know, I have a feeling my car insurance is going up after this.

So what happened and why so many is what everyone is asking. Well, I made some still images from the Dashcam video, hopefully this will help everyone understand….


So this nightmare started this morning when out of nowhere a pedestrian darted out in front of me as I pulled out of my driveway….And like all the pedestrians that soon followed I never saw any of them coming.

Pedestrian 1


I really thought for sure after I hit the first pedestrian that would be all the pedestrians that I would hit this morning on my way to the gym…But I was totally wrong, not even close to being done. I nailed this pedestrian almost at the same moment I had this inaccurate thought.

Pedestrrian 2


So pedestrian number three I accidentally backed into when I went too far past a stop sign and backed up so I wouldn’t be out in the road. Since the Dashcam didn’t capture this hit I got out and took a picture just so I would have an accurate visual record….Also I thought it was kind of cool how his Ipod and headphone wires almost made a chalk outline…who wouldn’t take a picture of that?

Pedestrian 3


Sadly, I slammed into number four as I took off from the stop sign, never saw this pedestrian at all, but I might add all these goddamn pedestrians did considerable damage to the front end of my car, really quite upset about this.

Pedestrian 4


I hit pedestrian number five and six, this couple ran right out in the middle of the road to check on pedestrian number four. Looking back at the video it really was a touching moment, this older couple whom must have been together most of their lives, I am glad they were together in the end, I would have felt worse if I separated them.

Pedestrian 5 & 6


After I stopped my car to go check on five and six, plus I wanted to double check and make sure there weren’t any more pedestrian nearby, that’s when I hit number seven, but technically I nailed this one with my car door when I angrily opened it too fast while trying to leave my car and since the Dashcam didn’t catch this one, plus just being amazed that I took one out with my car door I took a picture of them as another visual record.

Pedestrian 7


Now number eight was a totally freak occurrence, this pedestrian came flying out of nowhere, I actually think someone else might have hit them sending them flying towards me, there was no way to avoid this one. But it did give me some comfort that maybe other drivers might be experiencing the same problems I was having this morning.

Pedestrian 8


Numbers nine and ten were out running, or running from me, not totally sure. I really didn’t see them until it was too late, my mind was still back on number eight, I was trying to sort it out but should have been paying attention to the road, I vowed that from now on I will be more focused on the road!

Pedestrian 9 & 10


Dammit! Eleven and Twelve must have been running with Nine and Ten, totally not my fault though because I really hadn’t started focusing as of yet, besides who they hell runs at this hour of the day anyways, totally their fault!

Pedestrian 11 & 12


Okay, number Thirteen was a weird one, I decided to hit them, they were up on the sidewalk, totally not in the road at all, but I was testing myself because I was curious if I actually enjoyed hitting all these pedestrians. Turns out I don’t like it at all, which is why I really feel bad about number Thirteen. Unlucky number anyways guess it really wasn’t her day.

Pedestrian 13


Now on number Fourteen, I only clipped this one, they went flying in the air and landed in the road behind me, I saw them start to get up and I panicked, none of the others started to get up, so in my panic I did a U-turn, drove a quarter mile down the road, did another U-turn and charged full speed into number Fourteen….That asshole should have just stayed down, it’s his fault for freaking me out.

Pedestrian 14


So I almost made it to the gym without hitting anymore pedestrians, but sadly as I went to turn into the parking lot , which looked totally clear, but out of nowhere this lady comes running up, like she was waving  ‘HI” or something which startled me. My nerves had been on edge since pedestrian number one. My car is a mess, I have no idea how much it will cost to repair but I’m thinking I need to collect from the people who damaged it…seems fair doesn’t it?

Pedestrian 15


Anyways I had a great workout…Hopefully the drive home will be uneventful!

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