Listen Folks, There Are Too Many Conversations Going On…Let’s Finish The Old One’s Before We Start A New One!




Well, I feel like I have a lot to say, but there is so much to say so I don’t know if I should say anything. What if I start another national conversation that never gets finished before the next national conversation starts? I mean, It’s great that people start a conversation when there is a national tragedy like the one that just happened at UCC in Oregon, and let me be clear where I stand on that one and all other mass shootings, it is a mental health issue, not a gun control issue.

Now that this new discussion has kicked in, what do we do with all the old conversations we were having before this new one started? I mean there are a lot of open conversations still out there like Abortions, Planned Parenthood, Illegal Immigration, Climate Change, Obama’s Ineptitude, The Iran Nuke Deal, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Dead Lions, The Kardashians, All Lives Matter, the list goes on and on. I think we should really take a few moments to figure out where everyone stands on these old national conversations before we jump right into another one.

I think as a Nation we get easily distracted, we have a hard time sticking with the old conversations and seeing them through until the end, I really can’t remember a national conversation that came to a clear resolution. I think we do a great job of expressing our viewpoints through social media, and occasionally groups of us will gather in peaceful protest somewhere…as long as it’s fairly close and works within our schedule. But we need to start focusing our efforts on wrapping up some of these old conversations that we have already started, otherwise we are just half-assing them and we are better than that…We are the greatest country on Earth, so we can finish a conversation…Right?

I am still lodged in several heated debates within old national conversations that we started long ago…I mean come on, have we really figured out why Brittany Spears shaved her head? Was it a mental health thing or an attention thing? I still want answers. And what about the national conversation we had regarding the crappy ending to the Sopranos? Where did that go? Did we ever figured why they ended the show that way? I was truly disappointed. Where are we at on the Confederate Flag debate? For a while I thought we had it heading towards a finish line, last I heard we were all just going to pretend the South never existed prior to the Dukes of Hazard show being on TV or something, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s okay to wear my Rebel Flag t-shirt again?

How about the debate on what to do about ISIS? Now I think that is a pretty important national discussion we should probably nail down before we dive head first into another.

So let’s stop, take some deep breaths, rest your fingers key-board warriors. Now if there is something important that we should have a national conversation about, just write it down on a sticky note, put it on the fridge and we will get there, but first I think we need to address the dozen or so national conversations that we have open already. Hell, I don’t think we have totally wrapped up the 9/11 attacks conversation yet and that’s been going on nearly fifteen years. So let’s handle our business, finish what we started, figure out what we stand for and then wrap the conversation up! Then we can start a new national conversation! Does that sound like a good plan?

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