What Will You Do As The World Burns?…I’m Just Going To Do Bicep Curls!



Sometimes I look at all the things that go on in the world and I can’t help but think what a screwed up place we live in. If you live in a city, regardless of the size, I’m sure you know a certain area you can go to see where oppression lives, you know the area’s that are unsafe to hang out in after dark, and most of us are smart enough to avoid them. Whether you want to admit it or not we live in a mostly divided world and most of our cultures are so divided that they are usually  always in some conflict with each other, just look at the Middle East, under the tenants of Islam anyone who isn’t a follower of Islam is an Infidel and in case you haven’t been paying attention there is a war going on right now between the radical followers of Islam and the Infidel’s.

Here in America, we live in a semi-ambivalent state, we seem to ignore everything that is going on outside our borders, thinking as long as it happens over there, then who cares. One day we will pay dearly for this mindset. Under our current leader the United States has put away it’s Superpower uniform and joined the rest of Europe, just a nation among many. But we are not like Europe, we are unique, we are special, and we use to right the world’s wrongs. Under strong leadership we defeated the Soviet Union, and freed millions of people who lived under its tyranny. But now, our current leader seems to be allowing the old Soviet Union under the leadership of Putin to come back as a dominate player, it’s embarrassing to watch all the good that we once did slowly slip away into history.

So as the world slowly slips into chaos, as our country slows breaks apart, I have decided to do the only thing I can to help myself survive this impending doom we all face….I do bicep curls!

Sure, I could probably make better use of my time, maybe run for office, or help feed starving urchins somewhere, or maybe even something simple, something local, like picking up garbage on the side of the freeway. But I’m not going to do that though. For one, that would require a lot of work on my part, and to be honest, I’d rather just take it easy for right now, and besides all that would take away precious time I could be doing bicep curls.

Take a good look at our leaders in Washington right now, they are all a joke, they only accomplish shit that whatever special interest group who bought them wants done. In my opinion they are all corrupt, doesn’t matter what political party they may be a member of, they all SUCK!  If we the people really wanted to end the bullshit that goes on in Washington we could, if we all joined together for a common purpose, and saw it through until the end, we really could make this country a better place…But not enough people care, not enough people want to get involved, it’s easier just to bitch about it and wish it would change instead of getting your hands dirty and making it change….So if you don’t care enough, fuck it neither do I, that’s why I will just go do bicep curls.

Besides, nobody is going to stand up and doing anything to change this country, life is already hard enough for everyone as it is, it’s a day-to-day struggle for most of us. But perhaps, just perhaps we could rise above this mundane existence we suffer through and do something to save ourselves from the artificial barriers we created for ourselves, these barriers which stop us from taking charge of our own destiny, our own country and our very freedom. Ehh…that sounds like a lot of work, besides House of Cards is on tonight, and little Jimmy has football practice, Screw it!

So this is why I will ignore all that goes on around me, one man may be able to move mountains, but one man can’t change what people perceive as their freedom. So this is why I will just do bicep curls!

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