Proposed Swimming Pool Rules For The City Of Helena



Due to the problems encountered during this last pool season, the City of Helena will be adopting new rules when it comes to the use and enjoyment of our public swimming pools that come under the authority of the city. The following is a list of  “proposed”  rules which, if approved by the city council will go into effect during the 2016 pool season.


Proposed Pool Rules:

*No running, fast walking or skipping once on pool grounds.

*Absolutely no horseplay, splashing, rough-housing or any activity that could lead to injury.

*There will be no flotation devices allowed in the pool   (Except on Last Chance Friday’s)

*Pool guests will be required to shower before entry into the pool grounds. We will be stationing shower monitors in each changing area to ensure compliance.

*Pool guests will be required to wear proper swimming attire at all times. Bathing suits, Swim Caps, Flip Flops and Beach Towels will be available for purchase at the front desk. You will not be allowed to enter pool grounds unless you are wearing the approved swimwear.

*Pool guests will be required to have a swim buddy. Single guests will be paired with other singles when they exit the changing area. This person will be your permanent swim buddy. The Senior Lifeguard will perform a brief ceremony before you and your new swim buddy may enter the pool grounds. Much like a marriage it will be up to the individuals to make sure the union remains strong. Counseling will be available for those couples in need.

*There will be no profanity or vulgar language allowed.

*The official language spoken on the pool grounds will be  English, so please take time during the winter to learn it if you don’t already know it.

*While on the pool grounds you will be required to refer to your swim buddy and other pool guests by their “pool names” Male guests will be called “Marco” and Female guests will be named “Polo”. Please do not forget your new pool names.

*Pool guests are not allowed to climb, sit or lean against lifeguard towers. The City of Helena lifeguards will be armed and most likely overworked…it’s possible the stress of long hours and low pay may cause lifeguards to harbor resentment towards pool guests. So please, for your safety stay away from the lifeguard towers.

*Pool guests should not look lifeguards in the eye.

*No outside food or drink will be allowed on pool grounds. If you get hungry the City has provided a snack bar for your convenience. We understand the prices will be high, but sometimes life isn’t fair.

*Before pool guests use the diving board, each guest must sign a release form stating that the City of Helena is not responsible for any injuries you may receive, and that the pool guest promises to pay a lifeguard fee if you require any type of rescue or medical aid. A deposit will be required.

*We suggest not drinking from any of the drinking fountains located on pool grounds. The water in those fountains tested positive for Ebola and the City of Helena has not been able to locate the source.

*Please Note: The City of Helena Public Pools has a new “Lock-In” program, which means pool guests will not be allowed to leave the pool grounds until you complete our new Water Safety Training Program. We will provide sleeping accommodations in the changing area until the training is completed.

*Every “even” hour (ie. 2,4,6,8 etc.) there will be a mandatory meeting for pool guests to be held at the food court area. During this meeting pool guests will have a chance to voice their concerns about other pool guests.

*Do not speak or talk to the Head Lifeguard.

*Please respect the pool grounds, remember it is a privilege for you to be a guest here, even though you paid to get in, and your tax money funds it’s upkeep. Any pool guests caught disrespecting the pool or pool grounds may be fired upon by the lifeguard’s. We will not be doing warning shots this year.

*Please do not enter the pool grounds if you have any open sores or communicable diseases. The sickly are not welcomed at the City of Helena Public Pools. As pool guests if you notice any sickly pool guests, please inform a lifeguard, then quickly stand clear of the sickly guest.

*Pool guests should use the waterslide with caution. You might notice that the waterslide does not appear to lead to the pool but instead travels through a hole in the fence, this is just an optical illusion. Also remember there is a re-entry fee once you leave the pool grounds.

*Please do not cover, adjust or tamper with in any way the cameras in the changing areas.

*If you notice that the water in the pool starts to change color or turns red, if you notice fins, please do not panic. And do not exit the pool, move to the center of the pool. It is feeding time, so for your safety you should bunch up in the center of the pool. The sharks will be returned back to their cages once feeding time is over.

*Children under the age of ten must be supervised by an adult. Any children left unsupervised will be collected and sold on Ebay.

*Lifeguards have complete authority over all pool guests and may enforce rules not listed on here. If you are approached by a lifeguard on the pool grounds we suggest that you lay down on your stomach and your hands clasped behind your head.

*If you hear any pool guests complaining about the rules or the treatment by the lifeguards, please inform a lifeguard immediately, remember resistance is futile and for those who turn in other pool guests you will receive a coupon for a free beverage at the snack bar.

*Lifeguards are not required to save your life.

*Swim at your own risk.

The City of Helena welcomes any feedback from the public regarding these proposed new pool rules, please feel free to contact us.

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