Broken bones, a lifetime of pain, feel my suffering, but don’t call me insane,

What’s going on? Why am I crying? Sleepless nights just surviving,

There we all have guns, hand grenades and air support too

I see people running, scared to death, funny, Am I what they fear?

Always they are running, always hiding, over there I see one crawling,

But the slow and old will fall, they always fall, that’s what they do here,

Why do I miss it so much? Can War be an addiction, why is Peace so confusing?

I can still hear their cheers, no wait those are my enemy’s taunts I hear,

What is happening? Why am I still here? Survivors never forget, just the dead earn that right,

Always people screaming, wait, that’s my friend screaming, medic over here,

The medic arrives but you could see the horror in his eyes, you can’t save them all they say,

But couldn’t you have saved just this one that day? I will never forget, it’s impossible to forget,

We fight on, day by day, we hold our positions, silently suffering, quietly wishing for it to end,

Not everyone will understand, going home, home is never the same, how can it be?

Your life is a puzzle now, with so many pieces missing, everyone thinks they can solve it for you, but you keep pieces hidden,

You stay busy so you don’t have to think, sleep is just a place where the memories dwell,

I am rotting away on the inside, no magic pill can cure this illness, its okay you did your best,

One day it will be someone else’s turn to carry the burden, to suffer quietly, without me.

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