Nxaha…Leader Of A Militant Lion Pride In Zimbabwe, Carried Out A Revenge Killing In Cecil’s Honor…What Have YOU Done For Cecil?



Reports out of Zimbabwe claim that a lion attacked and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists through the same national park in Zimbabwe that was once home to the now famous lion named Cecil, who as we all know was illegally killed by an American dentist named Walter Palmer.

There have been rumors circulating around the Hwange National Park where Cecil and the other lions live that one of the lion prides was planning a revenge attack on the tourists as payback for the murder of Cecil. A Zebra which asked not to be identified, told a reporter that he over-heard a few of the lions talking about staging a surprise attack. The Zebra went on to say that the main ring-leader was a militant lion named  “Nxaha”  and that other attacks are likely to be carried out in the coming months.


A police spokesperson named Ulooti Mabatoofi, released a sketch of the suspected lion in question. The authorities have issued an “All-Points Bulletin”  for information leading to the capture of “Nxaha”  who was positively identified as the main lion involved in the slaying of the safari tour guide.


Officials at Hwange National Park insist that the attack was not a pre-planned event, they point out that one of the lions in the group had cubs and they became hostile in order to protect those cubs. The park official spoke off the record and said they are worried this incident and the rumors of the lions planning further  “revenge” killings might scare away white tourists, the park and the surrounding communities are dependent on the white tourism trade, so they will not confirm any stories regarding planned lion attacks.


A Hyena who witnessed the whole incident told an AP reporter that he knew the lions were going to attack the tour bus today, so that’s why he waited around in the staging area. He said that the leader of the militant lions  “Nxaha”  told the other lions to bring some cubs with them today that way they would be sure to get the tour bus to stop so the tourists could take pictures, the Hyena said Nxaha waited until all the tourists had their cameras out then he attacked. He said Nxaha is very media savvy and knew that the attack would get great coverage.


When reporters asked park officials if the lion called Nxaha had a tracking collar on, they said yes, but apparently after the attack the collar had been chewed off, they found it in a pile of fresh Rhino poop. So they have no clue where Nxaha is at this time.

Later that same day on Camp Hwange’s Facebook Page, a comment was seen by a lion claiming to be Nxaha, it stated “Today’s attack is just the first of many, we will keep killings tourist until you turn over Walter Palmer, the killer of our friend Cecil. If you want these attacks to stop, you will turn him over immediately otherwise there will be more blood shed”  The post was quickly removed, but not before the media got ahold of it.


There are many on social media calling for Walter Palmer to be turned over to Nxaha, an eye for an eye, hoping this will end the attacks and keep the white tourists coming. But there are other’s that say we should not give in to the lions demands, after all they are just animals.

But for now, the country of Zimbabwe is on edge, as the militant lions led by the ruthless Nxaha roam free across the plains. Nobody knows when or where they will strike next, but they are all certain they have not heard the last of Nxaha.

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