Just A Quick Update…



I would like to thank everyone that has been sending me well wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery. No one could have foreseen the unlikely series of events that occurred that day in the gym which has led to so much physical difficulty on my part. But thankfully, even though I still have a long way to go, things really are beginning to look up for me…


Like for instance right now I can wiggle my right toe back on forth with no problem. But oddly once it starts wiggling getting it to stop is another matter.

The muscular spasms in my right arm have nearly vanished. So you no longer need to worry about getting accidentally elbowed in the face if you come around me.

And as of Friday, I can turn my head to the right without it resulting in a flow of blood coming from my nose and ears. But sadly I’m still not having any luck turning to the left yet, but the VA Docs are fairly optimistic.

I’m really concerned about the memory issue though, I still have no memories of anything that happened to me before my Thirty First birthday. But according to everyone I have talked to they all say there really wasn’t much to remember anyways.

Never gave it much thought before, but now let me tell you having Opposable thumbs again is very useful in daily activities.

And for those who were inquiring earlier, Yes, I am once again able to use my left buttock while sitting. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. I can’t say it enough people, Please, check off the Organ Donor box on your Driver’s License form.

I guess it’s up to individual opinions but I think the drooling has reached acceptable levels now.

The intense pain in my limbs is mysteriously lessened by a good fifty percent whenever I hear someone recite the Pledge of Allegiance. But as soon as they stop, however, the pain comes back full-force and is usually accompanied by some dizziness, flatulence, and itchy elbows. The VA Docs are really stumped on this one.

I am happy to report I can blink in unison again, as long as I limit myself to no more than one blink per minute.

Good News…My eyebrows have grown back. But, Bad News…Both of them are stacked over one eye.

I might have told some of you about the nightmarish prophetic visions I was having, well thankfully those have stopped. Now, when I touch someone, I only see a rerun of Friends.

I have been able to stand on my own for several minutes at a time now, unless someone taller than me enters the room, at which point I collapse into the fetal position. Thankfully I don’t run into many people taller than me. The VA Docs tell me it might be Psychosomatic.

Oh, and for those who asking, Yes, they did manage to sew one of my nipples back on, I can’t thank the staff at the gym enough for saving them when they were cleaning up after the “Incident.”

I begin to sweat profusely the moment the temperature hits seventy. Conversely, I get severe chills the instant it dips below sixty-five. Otherwise, I’m good.

Some of you might remember me talking about that headache I had where it felt like someone was pounding a sledgehammer against a metal desk. Turns out there was actually someone outside my window hitting my car with a sledgehammer…I really hope they catch her.

Well I think this about covers it for now. As you can see I really have been making some great progress. The VA Docs tell me I’m lucky to be alive, so I am just grateful for everyday that I’m given. If I could share any lessons I have learned from this event, It would be to tell the guys out there, that no matter how cute and funny you think you are, it is important to NEVER …EVER…make fun of a Crossfit girl.

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