Are You Prepared For The ISIS Radical Jihadi Zombie Apocalypse?



I don’t want to be an alarmist but it’s pretty clear ISIS is using Chemical Weapons in Syria. Recent reports show that they were using mortar rounds with Chemical Agents in them. I also have a friend, who has a friend, who knows the daughter of Mohammad Al-Bungholeya who is the ISIS special weapons research scientist, who makes special Chemical and Biological Weapons for ISIS. Well Al-Bungholeya’s daughter who secretly denounced ISIS and Islam but is afraid to go public at this time for fear of being Beheaded, well she has been passing along copies of her father’s Special Research Project he has been working that once it’s implemented will be a game changer for ISIS, the project is called “Walking Jihadi Dead.”

According to the paperwork that the daughter of Al-Bungholeya, gave my friend, who then gave them to me indicates that ISIS believes long term they cannot sustain their idea of a Caliphate going the route that they currently are, they know once America elects a real President (Trump in 2016) the US will launch aggressive Military Action and finally wipe them off the map, so they are putting all their Jihadi marbles into this special project called  “Walking Jihadi Dead.” The short version of what they plan on doing is this…ISIS will launch Special Chemical Weapon Missiles over  their territory in Syria and Iraq, the special chemical will then turn all their ISIS Fighters and any civilians who may get infected into Radicalized Jihadi Zombies, they will be the ultimate in Un-Dead Jihadi Warriors. They will sweep across the Middle East, enslaving and turning all they come across into Militant Zombies, they will then sweep across Europe and slowly make their way finally to the shores of America.

Again, I don’t want to be an alarmist, but seriously people we need to start preparing for this impending ISIS Radical Jihadi Zombie Apocalypse…because once it gets to our shores it will be chaos as these Jihadi Zombies attack and eat our Infidel brains. Don’t let your brain get eaten, prepare!!

Alright so we have all seen enough Zombie Movies to know what to do right? You need to get yourself mentally prepared as well as physically. You have to be ready to watch people you know and love get Eaten or Infected. They are no longer your loved ones once that happens, they are now dirty rotten Jihadi Scumbag Zombies and you will need to Destroy them! Are you prepared to do that? If your beloved Grandma gets infected are you going to be able to chop her head off with a broken street sign? If not then you may as well just let Granny feed on your brains cause you will be no use to the rest of us.

Here are some basic tips that might help you survive…for a while at least.


Get a Secure Base…

You’re going to need to find some place Secure and Isolated to wait them ISIS Zombie nightmare out. You should definitely get out of the cities, urban areas are just ripe breeding grounds for Jihadi Zombie Swarms. Stay away from small towns as well, the locals aren’t going to be too keen on outsiders coming in they might just cut your head off out of spite or precaution. Your best bet is to find somewhere near a pig farm, ISIS Jihadi Zombies hate Pigs, and you will have a steady supply of bacon, bacon makes an Apocalypse more tolerable.




Exercise is going to be key to your Survival… Cardio, Stamina, Strength, these are all things you will rely on when the Jihadi Zombies are after you. Remember this is the real world Zombies can run, don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise, they most likely just want you to get eaten. So when the Jihadi Zombies see you run and if you’re in a group of fellow Survivors remember there is no shame in Surviving so trip one of them it will give you time to Escape, but keep in mind they are probably thinking about doing the same thing to you…Keep Your Spacing!




You’re going to want to be able to keep your distance. If you get too close you may accidentally find yourself laughing at someone’s hilarious  “I Heart Zombies” t-shirt — and the next thing you know, you’re one of them.  Remember the only way to destroy a Jihadi Zombie is to remove it’s Head, so think sharp objects like Swords, Axe’s, Sickles, Machetes.  Handguns will be useless against Jihadi Zombies, although a Shotgun at close range will do the trick. Also think outside the box, get a Goat and have it with you, even though the ISIS Jihadi’s are Un-Dead Zombies they still may have their Sexual Urges so the Goat can buy you time in a pinch.




Even though it will be tough to lose friends, you will need other Survivors with you to Survive Long-Term. You will need them to watch your back while you sleep and to help you fight your way out of difficult situations. Just make sure you surround yourself with Weaker Individuals who will look to you as their Savior, if you surround yourself with Strong Willed Survivors they may be less likely to look after your well-being.


Again, I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but if you don’t prepare yourself now, you will never Survive the upcoming ISIS Radical Jihadi Zombie Apocalypse.

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