America…Where Did We Go Wrong?




I’m just sitting here in my Bvd’s listening to some of my favorite songs like Bruce Springsteens “Born in the USA”, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”, Madison Rising’s “Star Spangled Banner” and of course a little Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” thrown in as well, cause that’s how I roll.  But listening to these patriotic songs got me thinking of the meanings behind the words, how American Exceptionalism once meant something, but thanks to certain politicians those words are now taboo, we are all just part of a big world community, we are all equal, cause it would be bad form to say we are more exceptional then let’s say a third world country.

But let’s just focus on America, because to me it is all that matters. America was once the home to Religious Freedoms, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t America founded by people escaping religious persecution in Europe? But this grand idea that we once had, a country that all people could safely practice their religious beliefs without being persecuted has slowly vanished. And in my opinion it is Christians that have bared the brunt of this religious bigotry, Christians make easy targets.  They aren’t out chopping off heads, burning down buildings, or subjecting non-believers to draconian punishments, so the religions who do such things to force others to bend to their will always try and destroy the Christian Values that America was founded on, after-all it was even written into our Constitution…”One Nation under God.”


Remember when American’s were once free to have “Private” conversations? We once had the right to privacy, where the Government could not listen in on our conversations, our phone calls, emails, etc. But now those days are long gone, we seemingly gave up the those rights because the Government told us we were in danger, evil-doers were among us, so big brother had to listen in to catch them. Evil-doers have always been among us, since the days of our founding there has always been some element that wanted to change our way of life, to take our Freedoms….I think they have succeeded.

Remember when one of your rights as an American was that you were guaranteed a right to trail if accused of a crime? The Government can hold you indefinitely if they want to, your “Habeas Corpus” rights seemingly have vanished…Since the “War on Terror” began we the citizens of this great country have suffered with the loss of what use to make us unique, special…America!  

One of the crown jewels in what once was the America of old, was our rights to free speech, we had the right to say what we wanted, when we wanted, without fear the Government would come after us. But free speech is now regulated, some (The Left) even want to criminalize certain political viewpoints, basically if your opinion differed from theirs you could be deemed enemies of the state. This is certainly not the America our forefathers gave their lives for, they would be ashamed of us.

And what about the American Spirit? The belief that balances respect for the individual with community, we once looked out for our neighbors, kids could play in the park by themselves, the sense of community was what made America amazing! Now there is the focus on the individual, it’s all about me. The entertainment industry is redefining what traditional moral values we once had. The youth have become desensitized to violence and are quick to act it out on the streets, in urban areas crime and moral decay run rampant.

It’s hard to dispute that America’s moral compass is broken, the shift away from the community spirit to the individual’s self-centered needs is evident when in the days of old if someone got injured fellow citizens would rush to their aid. Now it brings phone cameras and spectators, all hoping to get a great video of someone else’s suffering in order to get “Likes” on social media…Something is terribly wrong in America!

Americans are beginning to lose their soul, and if something isn’t done to correct it, this will become the new American Identity. I think Freedom itself is the result of a nation with laws. And nations with laws are the product of cultures grounded in religious morality, these two items are inseparable. You can argue legal boundaries are based on moral boundaries. So when a nation like ours which was founded on a moral code and religious beliefs is slowly pushed towards a nation of immoralities then it is a nation that is doomed.

“If America ever ceases to be good, it will cease to be great”…Alexis de Tocqueville

I am a fan of history so I can’t help but think of the fall of the Roman Empire, it was second only to the United States in power and prestige, it was destroyed, not because of Goth invaders or the Persians as some historians claim. These events were just outward consequences of a deeper weakness.  Long before Rome abandoned its outer defenses and strained its soldiers in endless foreign wars, Rome became a cesspool of vice and corruption.  Women stopped having children, and men turned to less traditional means of sexual fulfillment.  Before the Goths ever set foot across the Danube, Rome lacked the social strength to resist the stronger, more unified Germanic culture.  Rome disarmed itself when it chose pleasure over long-term security.


Will America face this same fate? We must once again find our soul. A morally bankrupt nation cannot be the beacon of hope for the free world. Maybe Ben Franklin said it best… “As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”  So what will be our fate America? We have the power to make it right, or is it already too late?


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