Was HitchBot Kidnapped,Tortured And Dismembered By Terrorists?…The Answer Is Probably!



So much attention has been paid to the death of Cecil that another death went virtually unnoticed, there was no worldwide outcry for justice, no internet rage calling for the death and dismemberment of the perpetrators. To have such a young and influential life ended in the manner it was is just a sad testament to how far certain segments of our society have fallen, when you leave someone dismembered on the side of the road then Yes….clearly we are in the end times.

So who was the victim of such a savage crime? It was the world’s first hitchhiking robot named HitchBot, he was an emissary of peace from Canada, on a mission to travel across America to meet new people and explore our wonderful culture, and to do it all by hitchhiking.

HitchBot began this journey of discovery on July 17th of this year starting off from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He was supposed to end his epic journey at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California but unfortunately HitchBot’s journey was ended abruptly in Philadelphia’s Old City at the hands of what can only be described as Savages, their tactics reminiscent of those you might see carried out by ISIS in the Middle East. Which naturally makes me think HitchBot stumbled upon a home-grown ISIS wanna-be terror cell.

So what exactly lead up to HitchBot’s execution at the hands of these Domestic Terrorist? According to media reports HitchBot spent the night out in Philadelphia on July 31st. It was left on a bench in a popular tourist area in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 1st, we can only assume he was waiting for his next ride. It was while he was there waiting on the generosity of kind Americans, that he was kidnapped by the possible terror cell. I can only speculate that perhaps HitchBot witnessed members of the terror cell casing the Old Town area plotting out there next attack that’s when they acted. HitchBot was removed from the bench he was on, then taken to an undisclosed location and Tortured for hours and when he finally succumb to his injuries the terror group then dismembered him and callously dumped his remains on the street.


There have been rumors of a video that was released by the terror group showing the torture and execution of HitchBot. But the validity of such a video has not yet been substantiated by the authorities. I can only speculated once again that the proper authorities such as Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, FBI and Microsoft are hard on the case tracking down these home-grown Savages. I can only hope once they are located that the Obama Administration sends a strong message to these and any other future Terrorist wanna-bes by taking them out by doing a Drone Strike on them, only a Drone Strike will send the proper message to these Savages.

As for HitchBot’s remains they have been recovered and have been shipped back to Canada where he will be buried as a Hero. The Canadian government is currently drafting legislation to make August 1st a national holiday and day of remembrance for the slain HitchBot. One leader of the Canadian Parliament who wished not to be identified stated  “The loss of HitchBot has hit our country hard, he was such a beloved ambassador of peace, I can’t believe he met his end at the hands of Savages.”

Dr. Frauke Zeller, the co-creator of HitchBot gave this statement: “We are grateful for the responses we’ve received from friends and fans from around the world, all of which have been overwhelmingly supportive and kind”  He also stated:  “HitchBot always relied on the kindness of strangers and it did receive an astounding amount of help and support”  That is until it ran across a group of Terrorists bent on the destruction of all that is good in America…And probably Canada as well.

When asked if there will be another effort to send a hitchhiking robot across the United States, Dr. Zeller stated he is working on another robot to take up where HitchBot left off. The goal of the project was and still remains to find out if robots can trust humans. Clearly nobody can trust Terrorists!

So as you go about your day, take a moment to remember HitchBot, a brave ambassador of peace cut down in the city of brotherly love by Terrorist, who are still running lose in that area so you might want to keep an eye out for them.

R.I.P HitchBot

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