The Iran Deal…Dear Obama Administration…What The Hell Are You Doing?




I was never going to write anything about the Iran Nuclear deal the Obama administration is trying to get pushed through Congress, but when something is this bad for our country and the Middle East I think the more regular people talk about it, debate it and let their elected officials know how they feel about it the better. After all we are still a Democracy, where the politicians work for us …Right? (Insert Sarcastic Laughter)

So why is this deal a bad one? Well this is just my opinion, yours may vary so feel free to write about your feelings on your blog. So let’s step back and look at the past for a second, the goal in looking back,  is to learn from the past and not repeat the same stupid mistakes. I feel Donald Trump nailed it when he recently remarked that all the politicians in Washington are Stupid, basically stupid people are running this country therefore the Iran nuclear deal isn’t that surprising.

Okay back to the past, Let’s take a look at North Korea, we made a similar nuclear deal with that rogue nation and look what happened, they now possess nuclear weapons, and the delivery vehicles (Missiles) which to strike other countries. All of this happened under the watchful eye of the UN (Insert More Sarcastic Laughter) and our own intelligence agencies. So North Korea is a shining example of why this deal will fail, and we will not be able to do anything about it.

Now the Obama administration likes to say things like, well if we don’t do this deal then the only option is war.  They say that to make anyone who doesn’t agree with the deal sound like war mongers and that they are eager to put American lives on the line. This is a bullshit argument, it’s almost childish in my opinion. The alternative to this bad deal isn’t war, it’s increasing the sanctions, cripple their economy until they are willing to work out a better deal. The sanctions we had on them were working, it’s the reason they came to the negotiating table to begin with. So don’t tell me they weren’t working.

Obama is so damn desperate for a deal he is giving Iran everything they want and more. Meanwhile back in Iran they scream  “Death to America”  and vow never to stick to the deal or allow inspectors total access.  Obama wants this deal so it can be part of his legacy, mark my words if this deal go through one day we will look back and blame Obama for letting Iran get nukes and for starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  Because if Iran has the bomb the neighboring Arab states are going to get the bomb to defend themselves from Iran’s aggressive behaviors.

Iran likes to say that they don’t trust us, we are the  “Great Satan”  but we don’t trust them either, they are the main state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. So honestly why are we doing this deal? They have nothing that we need, we surely don’t need their oil. Economist say if this deal goes through and Iran starts selling their oil on the market which is already saturated with oil it will drop the price of oil so low that it could destabilize the market. So we get nothing of value out of this deal, Iran is the only one that makes out in this deal, sanctions will be lifted, we are un-freezing their bank accounts which will give them a huge cash win fall, which they will probably use to fund their terror groups that they support in Yemen and Palestine. Also Iran will now be able to buy advanced weapons systems from Russia and their market will now be open to foreign businesses eager to do business with them. For Iran this is a dream come true.

So what is Iran actually supposed to do for their part of this deal? Well they are supposed to reduce the number of operational centrifuges they have from 9500 down to 6000. They also need to reduce the amount of low-enriched uranium it has from 10,000 kilograms to 300 and then make the changes necessary at several locations to prevent them from being used to create nuclear weapons. Just keep in mind all of these steps are reversible. Amazingly to me I learned that Iran doesn’t have to destroy its nuclear weapons infrastructure. Also it isn’t giving up its ballistic missile program, It doesn’t have to renounce terrorism or make any restitution’s for past attacks, the Americans that are being imprisoned in Iran don’t have to be freed…This is why this deal is a joke, America is getting screwed. Israel and our Middle East Arab allies are also getting screwed!

So if the deal does go through, how do we monitor to make sure Iran isn’t cheating…Oh and they will be cheating. As part of this crappy deal IEAE inspections will be done on site, there is supposed to be continuous monitoring of the few declared sites, but Iran will be able to delay inspections of disputed facilities for at least 24 days, which will give them time to clean the sites up of any illegal materials.

Iran is a large country, and if they want to hide stuff from us they will probably succeed. So given Iran’s past history of lying and basically causing trouble all over the Middle East it is a pretty sure bet that they will not be able to hold up their end of this amazing deal, but by then it will be too late, once other countries open up trading markets with Iran and get a solid foothold in the country they are not going to give that up just because America tells them to. If we had a strong leader, who was respected by both our allies and our enemies then perhaps things would be different. But we have a very weak leader, Obama has made America weak. Guess he can add that to his legacy.

Let’s not forget what Iran has done to the United States already, they have killed hundreds of Americans in the Middle East, both directly and through its terror proxies. It threatens U.S. regional interests by backing Anti-Israeli terror networks, they also prop up Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and have de-stabilized U.S. back governments in Iraq and Yemen.

This is a horrible deal, no good will come from it for the United States or our Middle East partners, it shouldn’t be about Obama getting something for his legacy, it should be about Obama doing what’s right for the safety of our Nation and that is NOT what Obama is doing.

God Bless America!

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