All Lives Matter…Right?




Let me just start off by saying of course Black Lives Matter as do White Lives, Brown Lives, Yellow, Red, Purple and any other color of skin pigment you can think of… ALL LIVES MATTER!!

As an Outsider to this Movement, I’m taking a step back to try and Understand what it’s about and I am also trying to figure out what was the original intent of this Movement and where is it at now, and maybe where does it go from here. I am trying to be fair and objective, since I’m White and sadly I  feel like I need to walk a delicate tightrope so that I’m not quickly labeled a Racist just to try and shutdown my free speech. All I’m trying to do is Understand.

Now when the Movement first came into being after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I believe the cause was a fair one, they believed there wasn’t Justice for Trayvon since his killer, George Zimmerman was not found guilty of murder. Now as an Outsider looking in I could understand why they possible felt in this instance Black lives didn’t matter.

Then Ferguson happened. Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer. Now this is where things get difficult for me to Understand where the Movement started to morph in a different direction. In Ferguson there was a false narrative inserted, that right before Michael Brown was shot he had his hands up saying don’t shoot. Now evidence has clearly proven this did not happen, evidence also proved that Michael Brown attacked the officer first while he was in his car. Like it or not the officer acted in self-defense and was not charged with any crime. Now I support anyone’s right to Peaceful Protest that is one of the unique characteristics of a stable Democracy that it allows its citizens to Protest when they feel Injustice has been dealt upon them. But what happened in Ferguson was clearly not peaceful, the destruction of property, looting, violence all supposedly done in the effort to call attention to their cause, all this did was to further divide the races.

Now the Black Lives Matter movement has become the Buzz word, a hashtag, the Rally Cry used in all cases of civil unrest, like the protests that erupted after Eric Gardner was killed. It is clear the movement has caught on and is growing, but is it growing in the direction of the original founders wanted? I did my research on the origins of Black Lives Matter and found out it was started by three black lesbian females, their website ( gives a fairly detailed history of the movement and what their original intent was and is. It is clear they deem  “Whites” as the Oppressor to their people, and they are clear about not wanting the movement to morph into  “All Lives Matter”  they want to keep it about Black lives, I don’t understand why they would want to promote division among the races unless it somehow benefits the movement to be exclusionary. Again as an Outsider looking in I just can’t see a clear logic in it other than continuing the Racial Divide.

Another interesting thing I learned from their website is the fact they feel their movement has been taken over by men, and they are now over-looked and not given the credit they should receive. And they also say that they don’t want White people involved in their movement or protests because they feel it’s just another way for the White people to take control. Quote from their website  “And, to keep it real–it is appropriate and necessary to have strategy and action centered around Blackness without other non-Black communities of color, or White folks for that matter, needing to find a place and a way to center themselves within it.”  I don’t see how this can benefit their cause, am I missing something? It just seems that it will alienate any Whites who legitimately want to help and again it just causes further Racial Divide.

Now fast forward to Ferguson again, after the one year anniversary of the Riots there has been even more Riots to mark the occasion, wasn’t anything learned from the last time? This makes no sense whatsoever, how does this benefit the cause in anyway? Again, am I missing something?   I also see Protesters blocking traffic on the highways while holding Black Lives Matter signs.  Do they honestly feel this will get them any Positive attention for their cause? All it is doing is causing the general public to become infuriated with them. I think this Militant approach to their cause will get them nowhere. Not to mention the hijacking of the Democrat Candidates speeches, like what recently happened with Bernie Sanders and previously when they did it to Martin O’Malley, if they were seeking attention they certainly got it, but they are also gaining more and more Negative Attention. People are getting fed up with this type of behavior, our nation will support and defend your right to Peaceful Protest, but not this, not when your actions infringe on the rights of others.

In my opinion why doesn’t the Movement go to the root of the problem, Black on Black Violence, go to Chicago and demonstrate in the Black communities that see Black lives lost every single day. White people aren’t pulling those triggers. Instead of shutting down the highways why don’t you raise awareness about Planned Parenthood and the countless Black Babies who die there every day.


Instead of hijacking political speeches why don’t you give speeches in Black Communities where the Gangs that suck young Black men into them every day and gives them hope for only a short life on Violence or a life locked up in Prison.

Black Lives Do Matter, as an Outsider even I can see where the problems need to be addressed, if this Movement really wants to make a difference then start in your own communities, lift up the lives of Black people, work to raise awareness and alternatives instead of only blaming the Whites and teaching Hate and Division.  The truth of the matter is  All Lives Matter, but we are responsible for our own Destiny, we don’t have to be a product of our Environment…Rise Above…Stop blaming someone else for your problems this behavior will get you nowhere.

Again, I’m just an Outsider looking in trying to figure it all out.

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