What?..Zimbabwe Lifted The Ban On Trophy Hunts?…Where’s The Outrage?…Oh Yeah, We Moved On!

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Yes, I’m going to keep beating a dead lion story into the ground, so after the “beloved” lion named Cecil was killed by an American Dentist, the government of Zimbabwe put in place a temporary ban on trophy hunting, perhaps after they saw all the outrage and disdain for killing these defenseless animals the Zimbabwe government wanted to take the lead in Africa in outlawing these senseless killings…well it lasted for just over a week.

In a press statement the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association announced the lifting of the ban ““We are pleased to inform you that, following some useful discussions between operators and the relevant Zimbabwean authorities, the suspension has now been uplifted throughout the country”  I’m surprised the Internet isn’t on fire over this shocking reversal of their ban.

Actually I don’t think I have seen any comments on social media about this, sure everyone got mad when the American Dentist killed poor ol Cecil, but the Dentist was just a small fish in this large pound of trophy hunting. Face it, without the government of Zimbabwe condoning such hunts in the first place, the Dentist probably never would have been there to begin with. Basically Zimbabwe is the animal hunting pimp and people like the American Dentist are just the  “Johns”  looking to score some action.

So why no outrage Internet outragers? Why aren’t you still protesting and putting up angry meme’s drawing attention to this type of horrible behavior? What about all the other Cecil’s out there? I guess Cecil is old news, he was last week’s cause celeb. Now it’s just boring to get angry over a dead lion or the state  sponsored industry which supports such hunts. I guess the Internet is busy being angry at something else, what is it this week?

Well if we really look at the reason Zimbabwe lifted the ban so quickly, it is because these trophy hunts bring in money to communities that are dependent on such economic resources, Zimbabwe brings in about $200 million each year on ecotourism, and Zimbabwe really doesn’t have much else going on for itself, they are a poor third world nation which must rely on wealthy Americans and Europeans to come to their country to hunt and to do tourist safaris. So the ban was lifted on pure economic reasons and I can’t say I blame them.

I guess the heyday of Cecil outrage has long since passed, we Americans seem to have very short attention spans, plus in all honesty nobody really gave a shit about Cecil the day before he was killed, but once it hit the Internet , everyone jumped on the bandwagon displaying their phony outrage, while quickly deleting pictures of their last African safari, heaven forbid they themselves face any scrutiny.

RIP Phony Outrage…

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