The Art Of Unhappiness…




Everyone strives to be Happy, after all who would want to be Unhappy?  Well apparently there are a lot of people who would rather be Unhappy, perhaps to them it is easier, or maybe they just simply got themselves into a place where they find themselves let down on a regular basis by people who they think should assist in their Happiness. I guess they haven’t heard the old saying “Nobody can make you Happy, only YOU can achieve that goal.”

There is a whole industry set-up to help people pursue Happiness. There are books, special herbs, religions, drinks and even Happiness Guru’s all ready to take your money and show you the way to Happiness.

But what about those people who would rather be Unhappy? Where are their Unhappiness Guru’s? Since we live in a Capitalism society you would think someone would be ready to make a quick buck marketing the latest in Unhappiness wares. Perhaps it’s because no help is really needed in this area, people seem to find their own special ways of making themselves miserable. And I have seen enough people out there who are really good at it.

So for those of you who are at a loss on how to get the most out of being Unhappy, here are some habits I have noticed that truly Unhappy people like to use in order to maintain their Unhappiness. And for those of you who like being Happy maybe seeing these Unhappy habits will help you avoid them in your own pursuit of Happiness.

Habits that highly successful Unhappy people have…

Unhappy people take little joy in the journey, they focus only on the destination and in doing so they ignore the ride. They fail to celebrate the small successes along the way and sadly neglect the time to pause and reflect on how far they have actually come.

Unhappy people don’t bother challenging themselves, they prefer to take the easy path and settle into the routine. They live in the false notion that all stress is bad, therefore seek to live as relaxed a life as possible.

Unhappy people like to settle, they accept things as they are regardless of how unsettling they might be. They say things like “It could be worse, right?”  They choose to live in the complacency of their situation and refuse to fight for something better.

Unhappy people like to buy things that they can’t afford or don’t even need. Both choices are a sure fit for Unhappiness. When you buy crap you can’t afford, you go into debt, and debt limits the other choices available to them. When you buy things that you don’t even need, you lie to yourself about the real source of your Unhappiness.

Unhappy people like to compare themselves to others. The choice of comparing yourself to another is the root of much misery. So to remain Unhappy judge your success or worth based on other people, especially those who have a different background than you have. And if you do this on a continual basis, always looking for a new idol or competitor in which your ideal Unhappiness lies.

Unhappy people allow other people to determine their value and priorities. Unhappy people don’t set a compass point in their lives, they drift in the bitter winds of Unhappiness. And for even better Unhappy results allow your values and priorities to shift as you waver between bosses or role models.

Unhappy people react instead of initiate, they take no responsibility for their own schedules or preferences. They let other people set the agenda for their lives. Unhappy people set their schedule according to the inbox, voicemail or someone else’s demands.

Unhappy people like to whine and complain to anyone who will take the time to listen. They like to explain how the world is so unfair and how they would do things differently if they were in charge. And as an added bonus this behavior allows them to contribute to other people’s Unhappiness.

Unhappy people are masters of only focusing on themselves, they refuse to forgive, they enjoy holding on to grudges, they only see the worst in people, and by no means do they ever give a free lunch.

Well there you have some habits of highly successful Unhappy people, take it for what it’s worth. And if your goal is to Rise Above and Be Happy then take these habits as lessons, lessons on how to avoid Unhappiness.

Remember YOU are in control of your own Happiness, not anyone else. So take control!

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