Would You Pay To See Your Own Movie?




You have heard the old saying that…”Your life is a movie and you are the Director,”  well I think that is a great analogy, YOU are the Director of your life’s movie.  So if we use this analogy to describe your life, what type of movie is it?  Why do you have certain characters in it when they clearly don’t fit into the roles you have made for them?

Okay so let’s pretend your life is an epic, three-hour movie.  Now just like in most movies, especially ones that are three freaking hours long, there will be numerous high points, where the writing and actors all seemed to be on point, the audience is dialed in and hanging on every action packed moment. And then of course there are the low points, the times when the movie is filled with too much drama and suspense.

So in your movie, you can bet that the head writer threw in some real challenges for the lead character  (You)  to have to deal with, and maybe some of those challenges you might be thinking you’re not going to be able to make it through them, but luckily you seem to pull it off, a few scratches and maybe some hurt feelings but this is your movie and you are going to see it through until the final credits.  And in the end as your reading those credits you will have a sense of pride for what you were able to overcome and achieve throughout your epic movie.

But if you’re like me and the movie has been a great one to watch, you don’t want that ending to come just quite yet. As the credits are rolling you begin to analyze the scenes, the cast and crew, and you wonder was it worth sitting here for three hours to see this?

In your Amazing, three-hour long movie of your life, every scene was in there for a reason.

You might be wondering where did these scenes come from. Mostly they came from YOU…the Director, You determine the plot and each sequence of action throughout the entire movie…Start to Finish.

Remember this is YOUR movie, YOUR life…YOU are the Director…It’s all on YOU!

Now if you are reading this, then it’s safe to say your movie isn’t over yet. You are still sitting in the Director’s chair, so all those unexpected challenges and the things that don’t seem to work well in the story line of your movie, you still have time to change them, you can re-write the script as many times as you want until you get the perfect story line for your movie.

If you believe that life isn’t just merely determined by chance, but instead at least partially through your own choices and actions, then perhaps the challenges and hardships you face along the way are there for you to grow and help you be a better Director so to speak. If something happens along the way that isn’t what you had hoped for or expected, ask yourself….”Why do I put this in my movie?” and  “How will I respond to it?”

Most of us have been taught that we grow through the hardships we face in life, but of course most of us don’t choose hardships on purpose…Or do we?  Perhaps we write these crazy events or scenes into the movie of our life, either by choice or otherwise.

I’m not the type that believes  “everything happens for a reason”  and I certainly know that life isn’t fair.  But if we can put life’s little trauma’s aside and just focus our energy on life’s ordinary ups and downs, perhaps it easier to consider the scenario of our life as a movie, with scenes added and deleted by the Director and who is the Director?  That’s right Grasshopper it’s YOU!

So remember YOU are the Director of your epic life’s movie, if you don’t like certain characters or scenes than change them, delete them, get a better cast of characters, it’s your movie, your time, so do it right!


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