The Trump Effect…




Well would you look at Trump…It’s hard to deny that Donald Trump has tapped into something and that something is America’s growing disgust with politicians. Trumps straight talk, no B.S. way of reaching the people has really been popular, it’s a far cry from the usual re-cycled crap most politicians squirt out of their mouths. As for myself I haven’t liked a politician since Reagan left the White House, they all lie and bullshit to get elected and once they are in office they always seem to forget the campaign promises they made to get themselves there in the first place.

That’s why Trump seems different, at least to me, he won my favor when he made his controversial comments about Illegal Aliens. All the TV pundits thought he would be toast after those comments, but they were surprised at his meteoric rise, he is saying the things most Americans feel, they are tired of the border not being secure, they are upset that there are Sanctuary Cities where the Illegals can go and not fear being deported.

When Trump made his off the cuff remarks about John McCain the TV pundits thought he would be toast yet again, they were wrong. John McCain is a war Hero in my book, but now he is just another example of the career politician, and the majority of Americans are sick of the career politicians, there should be term limits, it should be an honor to get elected and go to Washington to represent the people who elected you, fulfill the promises you made to get elected and then leave after your term is up, not stay there becoming part of the system, the dysfunctional system of Washington D.C. where politicians are bought by Lobbyists and Corporate campaign donors, it’s clear to me once they arrive in Washington they change, they are no longer “OUR” representatives, they are the representatives of whatever group bought them off.  I think politicians should be forced to wear suits emblazoned with their corporate sponsors that way we can really see where their loyalty lies.

With the latest poll numbers out it is clear that Trump is in the lead, and by a very wide margin, the next closest candidate is Jeb Bush, from the Bush family political dynasty. Now it’s true Trump really hasn’t put forth any viable policy ideas, he has risen to where he is at so far by simply attacking the system and the status quo of Washington, and that is what American’s are liking about him, this should send a message to the other candidates mainly to Bush, the most electable candidate according to the Republican Party hardliners.  Hopefully he is reading this and is getting the message loud and clear…America is tired of your bullshit, we are sick of Washington’s bullshit and we are sick of Lobbyists and Corporations controlling what gets done in D.C.!

Now back to Trump…Admit it, you secretly want to see how far he can get, don’t you?

I know I do, I’m hoping he doesn’t fizzle out once it comes to the serious debates, this upcoming first Republican debate to be held on Thursday should be interesting, hopefully Trump will stay on target and not get sidelined by attacking the other candidates, he will need to deliver on policy ideas, not rhetoric, in order for him to make it past the novelty candidate stage and become a serious contender he has to show his depth, go heavy on substance and start focusing his attacks more on Hillary Clinton or whomever ends up being the Democratic candidate, I’m hoping the recent buzz that Joe Biden might enter the race turns out to be accurate, he would be a great target for the Republicans to go after and it is almost a sure win in my book for their being a Republican in the White House in 2016.

Trumps campaign is in its infancy but already it is sucking up all the oxygen from the other candidates, remember there are like fifteen of them or something right now, so many people have thrown their hat into the ring it’s hard to keep track of who is running and who isn’t. But one thing is for sure Trump is getting all the attention. Think hard right now…How many news articles have you read lately about Ted Cruz?  Huckabee? Or Jindal? And what about the original front runner in this way to early presidential race, do you remember who that was? Perhaps a clue will help you, his dad was a crazy Senator from Texas, did that help? Okay its Rand Paul, yeah he sure fizzled out after Trump got into the race, you know why?  Because no matter how original and “for the people” he tries to be Rand Paul is just another establishment flunky.

Another interesting fact about Trump’s rise to the top, he hasn’t even released a single campaign commercial yet, be honest aren’t you interested in what that commercial might look like? He really doesn’t need to make a commercial yet in my opinion with all the coverage he is getting on the news shows, good or bad, he is getting the attention the other candidates could only dream of.

So whether you are a Trump supporter or not he is certainly entertaining and you have to admit he is making what would otherwise be a very boring and mundane presidential debate must see TV.  I willing to bet this upcoming debate on Thursday will be the most watched debate EVER! Will Trump attack the other candidates?, will he come across as Presidential? Or will he get slammed for lack of a real agenda, rhetoric only goes so far, but I’m certainly interested in seeing how far he can get over the next 16 months. Stay tuned I’m sure it will only get more interesting!

Trump In 16’

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