Please Fake Your Support For Me Just Like You Did For Cecil…




So I feel the need to address the issue with Cecil the Lion again, the social media outrage is starting to die down now, as it always does when one of these instant cause celebs pops up, first there is an immediate out-poor of anger, and then the memes start showing up, people demand justice and then things start to get back to normal, like in the case of Cecil, people are starting to get back to where they were prior to the death of Cecil…Basically not giving a shit about a lion in Africa that they have never heard of before.

Let’s face it, social media is a great example of the herd mentality, if enough people in the herd support something then everyone jumps on the bandwagon, because they don’t want to get any blow back for speaking their mind and pointing out the truth. When it comes to the Cecil bandwagon the truth of the matter is nearly everyone who was so outraged by his death never gave two thoughts to lions or any other animals in Africa the day before, I mean I don’t remember seeing a lot of Cecil images prior to him getting killed. Be honest did you really care about Cecil before he became the cause celeb?

Another example of the herd mentality on social media was the whole uproar over the Confederate Flag, come on people, that flag has been around forever and I can’t remember this much outrage over it prior to the shooting in Charleston.  Be honest did you really care about the Confederate Flag prior to this incident? You just didn’t want to speak your mind for fear of being labelled a racist, that is understandable, the liberals have made it their  “Go To”  phrase for anyone who disagrees with their way of thinking. Oh you don’t like the way Obama is handling things while he is in office, well then you must be a racist. That’s how they shut down any debate about their Messiah.

Let me point out a legitimate news story that has come up recently, the videos about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, now that story seems like it is worthy of outrage, regardless of where you sit on Abortion, the sale of dead baby body parts certainly seems disturbing and worthy of some type of honest debate, but have you wondered why there is relatively little public outrage?  It’s because people are afraid of the backlash for speaking their mind, going against the herd,  the Liberals will say you are against women, and women’s health issues. Well this is a bullshit argument, there are other facilities that offer the same services for women, Planned Parenthood receives the majority of Government money, but if Planned Parenthood is eventually found to be breaking the law by selling body parts, the money they get from the Government should be stopped, and then they can give that money to other clinics that follow the law.

How about the death of Kate Steinle? There was some outrage at first, an initial show of support on social media, but that too has pretty much disappeared, but Illegal Aliens haven’t disappeared, so why has the anger and desire to make changes to protect our citizens all but disappeared? Sanctuary Cities still exist, there is one person in this country that could make a huge difference in shutting down these safe havens for Illegal Aliens right now, and can you guess who that is? That’s right it’s Obama. Technically Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco are breaking the law, but if Obama wanted to actually do something about it he could stop these cities from getting any federal funds until they change their policies, but that will NEVER happen while Obama is in office. So where is the outrage about that? Don’t forget politicians work for us, and if enough people joined together to push forward change then perhaps change is what can happen.

Now let me get to the real reason I’m writing this article, while the world has been weeping for Cecil, something just as tragic and just as horrible has happened to me. And I figured since everyone can join together to show outrage over the death of some lion in Africa they never gave a shit about the day before, then maybe people will join together with me and show outrage over my loss…Won’t you show you care?

So for those of you who don’t know, and that would be everyone since I don’t post my problems on social media….well except for now of course.  Anyways, my beloved lifting partner named “Strap” passed away suddenly, he was in the middle of a workout with me when he suddenly suffered a catastrophic tear in his mid-section resulting in me having to take immediate action and put him down…on the bench.  And later in a small ceremony I disposed of him properly in the locker room waste can.

Maybe you are a horrible person and your thinking  “It’s just a weightlifting strap who gives a shit” and maybe your also saying  “I don’t even know you so why should I even care if your stupid strap broke?”  Well let me tell you why you should care…Cecil is why you should care!  Don’t be a hypocrite now, you didn’t know that lion, you honestly didn’t give a shit about it before it was shot, so if you can show that type of fake empathy for the lion then you can fake it for my beloved  “Strap!”

So to show your support and your fake outrage please copy and paste this photo of my beloved  “Strap”  and put it on your social media account…together we can make his loss not be in vain.

Thank You for faking your support for me in my time of need!

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