The Great White Cavity Hunter…And Cecil.



By now everyone has heard the story of the Minnesota dentist named Walter Palmer, who traveled to Zimbabwe and killed a beloved lion named Cecil.  The news outlets and social media have been on fire with people voicing their opinions on this issue. It seems everyone can rally around the idea that this dentist from Minnesota is the personification of evil and he is also the biggest DoucheBag of this news cycle.

Now I’m not a hunter, but I have nothing against hunting, if you hunt for animals that you intend on eating then I don’t see that as a waste, and I’m all for it. I’m also in favor of hunting animals that are over populated in areas which can lead to starvation and other issue for the herds, so managing the animal population seems reasonable as well to me.  And if hunting animals is part of your religious or cultural identity then that seems like it would be fine as well.  But I am not a fan of these big game hunts that kill Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Tigers and even Giraffes. I doubt that many westerners eat the meat of these animals, so to me it seems like a waste.

But what I really want to address isn’t so much this dentist who killed the lion, and the others like him. I want to point out some things I find interesting regarding the whole outrage thing, I find it pretty strange how so many people can all come together and agree that killing this lion was wrong, so many people standing up for the life of this lion named Cecil….But is Cecil’s death any more horrific than let’s say that baby who was aborted and it’s body parts being sold off? Just because the unborn baby didn’t have a name does it make it easier not to get just as outraged about it’s death? Hell, what about Kate Steinle? There was some outrage over her senseless death at the hands of an illegal alien but nothing even close to what I’m seeing over this lion, doesn’t that seem odd to you?

Where is the outrage over what Bill Cosby has done? He is a serial rapist in my opinion, who has gotten away with it all these years because of who he is and the money he has, so where is the outrage? Again the lion wins the outrage war. So perhaps you can understand why I am confused at why people always seem to come together and join as one to publicly condemn things like what this dentist did, and believe me what he did was wrong on many levels but to me the selling of baby body parts, or the death of Kate Steinle and Cosby the Rapist seem much more worthy of the public coming together to make a change, to get justice where justice is truly needed.

I think I will end this with what Jimmy Kimmel said on his show the other night regarding Walter Palmer’s need to hunt lions and other big game animals…

“Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?”

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