Making Fun In The Elevator…Going Up!




Elevators can be pretty boring, their only purpose is to transport the occupants up or down as quickly as possible. But if you are anything like me you find things that have but a single purpose in life to be boring and require some creative thinking to bring more than just a single purpose out of them, this includes Elevators. That’s why I like to think of Elevators as  “Fun Boxes.” Think of the fun you can have when you trap unsuspecting victims in a confined space with you. The possibilities are endless….

I have collected a few of my favorite fun things to do while riding in an Elevator, so next time you find yourself in a “Fun Box” try one of these gems.



Be So Nice It’s Sickening

Keep letting people on the Elevator until it is completely full. And on each floor repeat this process, keep stopping the doors to allow just one more person on. Doesn’t it feel good to be so damned nice? Other people will find it hard to tell you to stop, so they’ll just have to stand there seething in silence.


Dare To Be Different

You know how everyone tends to face the same direction, usually facing the door? That’s because the urge to conform is just too strong in the sheeple. I say dare to be different, face the other direction and see how quickly people become irritated or so uncomfortable they won’t know what to do.


Just Scream

Get into a crowded Elevator and then turn to face the other occupants and simply start screaming as the doors close. The reaction from the other occupants should be priceless. I would suggest using your phone to make a video of it…Youtube glory will be yours!


Sometimes You Just Can’t Hold It

This one is a tad bit more detailed…Find an old toilet bowl and a paper holder. Stick the holder to the wall, then sit on the toilet inside the Elevator with your pants down and wait for someone to open the doors. This will work best on those old-fashioned Elevators with hinged doors that you have to open yourself. Most people will probably apologize and quickly close the door again to give you the privacy you deserve.


Fun With Signs

Most people pay far too much attention to the signs that hang on walls without ever questioning the validity of them. So this will work in your favor. You will need a printer to accomplish this but it will be worth the time. Stick a sign below the call button that reads “Obese”  individuals are strictly prohibited from using the Elevators. Then hide nearby and watch how many people are gullible enough to follow the signs directions. If you want to be more direct and straightforward with your signs just write..”Use The Stairs Lardass”

Have a little fun on your next Elevator ride.

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