Are You Tired Of The Same Old Games…Want To Play Something New?



Are you bored with regular board games? Monopoly just not cutting it anymore? Looking for something new to do with your friends? Did you vote for Obama? Then I have a great game for you. It’s called  Russian Roulette. It is a great game to play with your friends, especially ones you’re getting sick of. Did you ever see the movie  “Deer Hunter?” If you have then you know what I’m talking about, this is a manly game played among men, usually who are drunk.

So are you new to the game? You probably are, there aren’t a lot of old hands at this game. From what I can tell the game was invented by some depressive Tsarist Army officers in Russia, around 1917. The beauty of this game is you can play it by yourself or with a group of friends. So to get started let me give you some background you should know before you start playing.

General Concerns…You shouldn’t under any circumstances play this game with a semi-automatic pistol. If there is a single round in the magazine, I would say there is a 100 percent chance that it will fire and you will lose the game. Even if you remove the magazine, there still may be a round in the barrel. Just remember if you play the game with this type of gun, your chances of surviving the game are zero.

So if you have a large group of friends who want to play,  you should ask someone to be the referee, the referee’s duty is to place a round in one of the six chambers of a revolver and he spins the cylinder quickly, then slaps into the body of the gun. Then the referee places the gun on the table and spins the revolver like a top, wherever the barrel points after spinning that player must pick up the gun and place it to his temple and squeeze the trigger. If the person the barrel is pointing to refuses to pick up the gun the referee should use his sidearm (Yes, the referee needs to be armed) and point it at the players head, urging him to play the game properly.

It is more fun to have the right conditions present when playing this game, just like in the old days of Vegas,  the room you play in should be thick with cigar smoke and if you are so inclined crystal meth, and to increase the tension in the room, any onlookers should be screaming at each other while waving handfuls of cash around (Watch the Deer Hunter) this will help motivate and encourage the players.

So when the first player places the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger, he has about a 17% chance of losing the game, which admittedly are pretty poor odds compared to most regulated wagering games, especially considering that lives are at risk. (For example, in Las Vegas casino games, the house pays out about 98 percent of what it takes)  The referee then spins the cylinder again and hands the gun to the second player who puts it to his temple and pulls the trigger. The game continues until someone finds the bullet, it will be clear to everyone when that player does.

If you decide to play this game at your next house party, all I can say is Good Luck. I will stick with Monopoly.

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